Monday, April 7, 2008

Tweety Unplugged

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I'm sure most of you remember Tweety and Sylvester. That comic duo who somehow managed to coexist in spite of Sylvester's insatiable appetite for feathers and Tweety's talent for getting out of sticky situations, or at times merely amusing himself by pulling pranks on an incredibly unsuspecting cat.This morning I was sitting outside, breathing in the fresh air as I enjoyed the many sights and sounds of birds and squirrels, butterflies, bees and of course the cats, in various stages of feralness (is that a word?) we inherited when acquiring our home in the country 3 years ago. Daniel, my husband came out and fed the cats as he does every morning. The kittens and their mama had their fill followed by the other two adult cats. When only one cat, dubbed Sweety by the kids, remained, finishing his breakfast I heard what I thought was a kitten, "mewing" near his general location. The "mew" then moved, sounding a bit distressed, but only one mew. It also sounded like it was coming from a tree, just a bit further away from the cat's food dish. It then moved again, one solitary mournful "mew". I looked up, searching the trees for a kitten in distress but only saw a Blue Jay, which was in the process of flitting from one tree to another a bit closer to me. Another mew and another, still closer to me until I saw the bird fly into the fir tree nearest me and heard the "mew" again. The "mew" was coming from the Blue Jay!Sweety has been rather distressed the last few weeks as his best buddy had passed on and he has just recently struck up a friendship with the kittens. As I watched and listened the Blue Jay let out another "mew" and here came Sweety. He came nearer us, maybe 50 feet from the food dish and in the Blue Jays line of vision. He sat there, looking around and started meowing his, "Where's my friend?" meow. At this point the Blue Jay made a beeline for the food dish where he was joined by another Blue Jay.I'm giving it an hour before Sweety starts complaining to us that he's hungry....
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