Monday, April 7, 2008

Kitty Sit-in

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A couple days ago the power company paid us a visit. They'd been wanting to clear the easement for several years and, evidently it had occured to them that the former residents were no longer here so, perhaps, we might allow the needed work. Indeed! Less power problems! Go for it!

They wandered around, climbing under and over the brush, determining what needed to go away and they discussed, with Daniel and our neighbor what they might do with the resulting refuse. We could use a bit of fill in the general area so they brought their chipper and we benefitted from that :)

In the meantime, they removed a bit of the brush and placed some pretty(?) pink ribbons around some of the focus points, including a tree that, evidently the kittens are quite fond of.

Upon the placement of that particular pink ribbon all 4 kittens scrambled up the tree and huddled in it's branches. They did not leave their perch until those noisy people left!

The workers returned yesterday with reinforcements, bringing with them two trucks, a couple chain saws and one very noisy chipper. They were here most of the day. When they left a few trees were gone (but only one truly visible) and a lot of branches and brush.

I'm sure the kitty's were off, somewhere, high fiving each other over their victory. The brush and saplings surrounding their tree was gone but, surely due to their brave protest, the tree was still standing!

I gotta say, they are most certainly the cutest protesters I've ever seen!

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