Monday, April 7, 2008

Garden Delights

Wednesday, July 27, 2005
The kids and I worked in the garden for a good hour this morning. After last years fiasco I'm just thrilled with how it's doing this year!
Ever known anyone who actually had problems growing zucchini? Finally, after 3 years of disappointment it looks like we may actually have some happy healthy zucchini plants. Of course, if it actually makes it and produces the mass amounts everyone else complains about getting we'll be forced to acquire a food processor so I can make relish.
The kids got to pull their first carrots of the year today. They're excited about consuming them with dinner tonight. I'm looking forward to when the remaining carrots get even bigger so I can start grating them for use in other dishes. Just love meatloaf with plenty of carrot grated into it!
Ever had green beans straight from the garden? I have to wonder what they do to those we get from the store. The only resemblence is the shape! Those from the garden are so good! So sweet! Almost like eating dessert!
We yanked the peas that had finished producing the other day and planted green beans in their place. I'm so anxious to see them pop up so I can start anticipating the sweet addition to our dinner table once again.
I never liked the heat of Summer but the delights we harvest from the garden, with some assistance from the summer sun makes dealing with the heat almost bearable!

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