Monday, April 7, 2008

Flying Pumpkins and Angry Turtles

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Nathan wasn't feeling well the week of his Birthday so we put his Birthday celebration off 'til this last week.

It took several phone calls and a few email messages but the Coast Guard, Air Division, after discussing it at a meeting agreed to give us a tour for Nathan's Birthday. It was great! The young woman who showed us a round, LT Cox, did a great job. She showed us her emergency suit which they wear when they go out above the water and explained how they work to protect them if they should have to bail out. She also showed us her helmet, which she let Nathan try on. He said it was heavy.

Afterwards she took us out to see "the Flying Pumpkin", the rescue helicopter. Both Nathan and Lindsay got to sit in the pilots seat where she explained what all the buttons and levers did.Daniel even got to sit in the pilots seat! I think he enjoyed it as much as the kids did. We then went back inside through the hangar where we were able to see another copter (identical) which was being worked on. It was quite interesting seeing the same machine "undressed".

As we were leaving, two fellows from the ORCA division were in the lobby and said we were welcome to come by there for a tour anytime. Great! Big Boat! Sounds like a future Birthday event to me!

I usually make the cakes but wanted to do a helicopter theme cake for his Birthday this time and couldn't think of a way to pull it off so we let Albertson's take care of the cake this year. They did a fine job with it. It was a photo cake with a photo of a helicopter on a blue background. Nathan was quite pleased with it.

Among Nathan's gifts was some Ninja Turtle clothing. Since the vast majority of the kids television viewing is limited to OPB he's never seen the Ninja Turtles. He looked at them a minute, smiled and, holding up the colorful top turned to Lindsay and said, "Angry Turtles! " He really llikes the angry turtles. Perhaps, in some way they remind him of "RedWall"?

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