Monday, April 7, 2008

Summer Is Gone

Monday, September 26, 2005

The weather is starting to change. Autumn is making her presence known. The sun still warms us during the day but it's not quite so intense as a month ago and it's ray's are appreciated now, more than before.

The daylight hours are waning. As I step outside in the morning, to breath in the cool crisp air I'm not greeted by the sights and sounds I've become accustomed to since Spring made her debut.

The leaves on the apple tree are beginning to transform into beautiful mini palette's of color and, one by one are fluttering to the ground.The bird calls I hear are different than they were a few weeks ago, and not so numerous. The hummingbirds no longer visit, moving on to their winter homes. The bright yellow Western Tanengier no longer sings his song and the Robin , like her cousin's, has moved on to warmer zones.

The squirrel's, so vocal just a month ago, aren't chattering as they scurry about so often. They're too busy gathering fodder. The wildflower's with their brilliant hues have nodded their heads and faded. The clover, sweet smelling, red and white has dried into shades of brown and with it, the deer, magnificent in their strength and beauty have ceased to grace our yard with their presence.

Things are quieter now. When I hear rustling in the bushes, I no longer wonder what wild creature it may be. There's an added crispness to the rustling leaves as a cat darts out from under it's cover.

The spiders have been busy spinning their webs. Beautiful to behold and awesome to consider how this seemingly lowly creature could construct such a complicated work of art. I've let them know their artwork is appreciated so long as the keep them out of the house and well removed from the doorways and my most oft used pathways. They don't always heed my warnings but, for the most part we manage to coexist.

The dragonfly's are becoming more prevalent. Their beauty and their skill most appreciated. What amazing creatures they are! I wonder at their longevity, the history they've witnessed, the changes they have ushered in.

Summer is gone. The frost will soon be upon us. Time to bring the garden's bounty in and busy ourselves in the kitchen, the new season's hub of family activity.

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