Monday, April 7, 2008

A Tiger In Your Tank ?

Saturday, August 20, 2005

I always liked those commercials. As a child it reminded me of another favorite, Tony the Tiger. That was back when the commercials were almost as much fun as the shows they were supporting! It was also when the idea of packing everyone up and going for a Sunday drive seemed a good and affordable Family outing. When a weekend trip to the beach meant spending more for a nice room than for the gas to get there.Now I'll admit it's been awhile. If you remember this tiger you know it dates me. This was prior to the gas prices inching up until the service stations were forced to scramble to add a digit to their meters. Remember when they were called Service Stations? When you actually received service beyond someone sticking a nozzle in your vehicle, taking your money and, perhaps, muttering a Thank You as they walked away? But I digress...Recently, I stopped by a BB I used to frequent on a daily basis. I enjoy going back there occasionally to see what's up with my old friends. A gal had posted how she looks for the silver lining, gets creative and finds ways to benefit from the setbacks life throws her. So far so good. I can relate to that. She then went on to say she sees a huge benefit to the current fuel situation. Everyone is trading their SUVs in for more fuel efficient models. She proudly announces she's going to make the most of the situation by "trading up", taking advantage of the great deals to be found. She wants to know if anyone else is getting creative and taking advantage of this great opportunity. I usually try to be creative and make the best of things, but I also take great pleasure out of being frugal so, no, you won't see me taking advantage of the "deals" on the gas guzzlers. I'm still having a hard time figuring out when and why we got away from the fuel efficient vehicles after the last "crisis", back when the consumer's price per gallon went in to the triple digits. I can remember going to visit a friend who proudly showed off his vehicle that got better than 40 MPG. I wasn't the only one that coveted that vehicle..Now, I do realize there are situations where a smaller, more fuel efficient vehicle may not be an option for some, those with large families who , no matter how they shoved and squeezed could never manage to get all those car seats and booster seats into a "beetle". Then there are those who really do need some cargo space for long trips, for toting large instruments or tools of the trade. Not all of us fall into that category though. If I were to hazard a guess it would be that the majority of those who own, or are contemplating purchasing one of these vehicles do not have any of these requirements to fulfill. With virtually every aspect of retail consumption being impacted by fuel prices I have to wonder how it is affecting our Dentist, Our Optometrist, Our Dr. I find myself hoping they are not inclined to take advantage of the great gas guzzler deals and perhaps passing the cost of the fuel on to their customers.I am daring to hope that the current fuel situation will make more people, especially those in a position to do something about it, seriously consider alternate energy sources. I would love to see a tax break for folks who took the economically and ecologically responsible action of setting themselves up with the viable alternate solutions for their area. I have to wonder, whatever happened to frugality? When did "Moderation in all things" fall by the wayside? Will these virtues make a comeback? Could this be "the silver lining" that emerges from this situation?

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