Monday, April 7, 2008

And They Were "Just Right!"

Friday, February 22, 2008

I've managed to lose some weight this past year , and was in need of some clothing that didn't bag on me. Wednesday, I had become so desperate for something to wear that I started rummaging through the kids drawers. Found a t-shirt in Nathan's drawer that actually fit pretty good. I spent the day in a 10 yr. old boys Green Bay Packers t-shirt. Not quite my style, but at least it was something different. Nathan and Lindsay found it all quite entertaining. I think Daniel was a bit concerned that the kids were going to be losing their clothes to me if he didn't do something, so he suggested perhaps it was time for a trip to the thrift store.

Thursday is our weekly trip to town. First stop is usually the library, the post office, then shopping. Yesterday we mixed our schedule up a little. Daniel and Nathan went to the bank, the gas station and then to get Nathan's hair cut, after dropping Lindsay and me off at the thrift store. I don't think I've ever had so much fun at a thrift store! Didn't find the knitting book I was looking for *sigh*, but did manage to scoop up a couple knitting magazines. Then it was off to the clothing section.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a good selection of new jeans, some still with the tags on them! I grabbed a couple size 10s and a size 8, hoping the 10s wouldn't be too small and that the 8s would be my inspiration/goal jeans. I also grabbed some medium and small tops. Tried the 10s on. They were way too big! Tried the 8s on. Hmmm. Closer, but still too big! Tried the tops on. Kept 3 of the smalls. Went back out to the racks, replaced what I wasn't keeping, then found some more 8s, a pair of 7s, and some 6s. Saw some 5s but laughed at that thought. Also grabbed another size small top. Tried the 8s on. Too big. Tried the 7s on. Still too big! Tried on a pair of 6s. They fit great!

About now I'm feeling a bit like a giddy Goldilocks rummaging through the 3 bears closet. Smiling to myself, I tried on the rest of the 6s. Ended up with 2 that fit, and 3 that were too big. I'm just not believing this! How is this possible??? Less than a year ago I was struggling to squeeze into 3x!!!

I was so tickled I actually started giggling. I heard voices outside the dressing room. I stopped giggling , changed back into my old jeans (which somehow seemed baggier now than when I had first entered the store) and headed out with my basket full.

By this time Daniel and Nathan were there, had finished with their thrifty shopping and it was quite evident they were becoming rather impatient. Dang! Really would've liked to try a few pair of the 5s! Probably a good thing I had run out of time though, as our thrifty shopping day was getting a bit expensive! We rang up at just under $20. I am SO looking forward to my next trip to the thrift store!

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