Monday, April 7, 2008

5 Days

Friday, September 02, 2005

As I was watching the news tonight I saw children speaking of their plight. One little boy, maybe 10 years of age, his words sounded like those of an old man, an old man seasoned by a lifetime of experience.

I know of a nurse, and have been getting updates from her since before the storm hit. She had to stay. She was the head trauma nurse at Charity hospital. They finally got cereal, pineapple and milk for themselves and their patients today. They were supposed to be evacuated yesterday but crowds and snipers prevented their rescue. Interestingly, the private hospital right across the street was evacuated in plenty of time...

People are dying, in need of medical assistance, food, water and shelter from the gangs.Women and children, are being raped, not only on the streets but within the shelters.

Our President visited the area today. He told them to hang in there. Things would get better. Help is on the way. Just a bit more time...

An elderly woman sits on I-10 in the heat and humidity. She has no food to eat. She has no water to drink. Her husband lies, dead, at her feet. He ran out of time.

Somehow we can manage to get troops to Iraq in 24 hours time. As of tomorrow morning, when this is most likely to be read, it will have been 5 days for those victims in the path of Katrina and they are just now starting to get few measly trickles of assistance.


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