Monday, April 7, 2008

Good Neighbors

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

And now for the entry originally intended for yesterday. I realize the chances are more than slim that anyone from Canada will see this but, I thought some of you might like to know. .

Thank You Canada! The people of Canada have been more than generous this last week. They have been collecting funds practically since the moment Katrina hit. The Canadian Government has also stepped up to the plate. They have generously offered, and our Government, our President has accepted their pledge of assistance.

Canada is sending their highly trained troops to assist in the rescue efforts on the Gulf Coast. They are sending ships and helicopters. They have offered medical assistance,water, lumber, tents,baby supplies and more. In addition Canada has offered a portion of their National disaster preparedness supply. They are going above and beyond what we could ever expect.

Thank You Canada! Once again, you are showing us that you are, indeed, the best neighbor any Country could ever hope to have.

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