Friday, April 11, 2008

Startin' To Feel Like Spring!

What a beautiful day! I believe we made it into the 70s today. It seems like such a long time since we've felt the sun's warmth.Today felt like a celebration.

Last weekend we planted seeds indoors, for transplanting later on. At the time we were experiencing way more rain than sunshine, and I was beginning to wonder if the ground would ever dry out enough to work the soil for those transplants!

We have several seedlings popping up now, and are anxiously checking them at least once a day to see what progress may be visible. Todays warm, sunny weather found us venturing outside to survey the garden beds. While I was busy pondering the changes to be made in the size and shape of the garden area (we're planning a much larger garden this year), Daniel got busy working on removing an old tree stump which was in the way of the planned expansion, and the kids happily dug in to the weed patch that our former garden area had become. The cats weren't feeling quite so energetic, but they did enjoy laying near where the kids were working, just enjoying their presence, and soaking up the suns rays.

I've been concerned that since we moved back out here I haven't been getting enough exercise. I'm not seeing that as a problem now! A whole lot of digging, tilling, moving soil around,digging out pathways, and building up beds before we can begin the planting. Then, of course the weeds will do a fine job of keeping us busy throughout the season.

Funny how we're all so eagerly anticipating something that sounds suspiciously similar to hard work!

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