Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend Roundup

This last week Lindsay decided she wanted to learn to ride a bike. We just happened to have a bike, given to us several years ago sitting out in the shop, so Pa brought it out, pumped up the tires, raised the seat and the handle bars and, within an amazingly short period of time Lindsay was off and riding.

A couple years ago we got the kids some scooters, with which they happily zip around at amazing, and sometimes for me rather alarming speeds. We've had a couple scraped knees, a few tears, and a lot of concern from me, from whom I am assuming my children inherited their rather vivid imaginations...

Yesterday, we made a second trip to town. There were a few reasons we needed to make the return trip, but the main one was to search for a good used bike for Nathan, who, understandable is a bit jealous of his younger sisters newest mode of transportation. We struck out on that search, but we did find a few items which has already helped to settle my nerves.

In addition to a bike helmet for Lindsay, Nathan found a motorcycle helmet that he just had to have. Although it seemed a bit on the side of overkill for a bicycle helmet, we figured why not. If he likes it, then odds are we won't have to fight to get him to wear it when the time comes. We also found a set of protective gear for Lindsay. It included knee pads, elbow pads, and the cutest little fingerless gloves, which she just loves. One child is now happily riding about on her bike fully protected. The other child is happy with his new helmet, and the knowledge that it is the first step in acquiring the wheels he desires. All in all, a good ending to a fun week.

Saturday Night At The Movies

Last night we stepped back in time a bit for the kid's viewing pleasure. Get Smart Again, starring the memorable duo of Don Adams and Barbara Feldon was a highly entertaining romp for the whole family. Don Adams had all 4 of us laughing at his antics. For those, like us who are old enough to remember, it is a delightful stroll down memory lane, and oddly satisfying to note the "Old fashioned" comedy still works, even for the younger set. One warning. The political jabs in the original series are still alive and well in this film ;-)

The second film of the evening, the "late night" after the kids have settled in was The Dream Team. I understand there are those who feel it is making light of, or even making fun of the mentally challenged. We really didn't get that out of it. With excellent casting, including Peter Boyle, Michael Keaton, Stephen Furst and Christopher Lloyd , it was good comedy, and somehow, in the end it managed, for me anyway, to show hope for those characters it portrayed. With some violence, and a wee bit of nudity (Peter Boyle's backside) it is not what I would consider a family film, unless your family consists of teens on up.

I managed to sleep in a bit this morning, a nice ending to our week off, yet it somehow makes me feel like I started my day behind schedule. It's nearly noon in my time zone, so I need to jump in to the day's activities before the day gets away from me. This last week went by so fast, I feel I need to make the most of the one day that is left before our next week begins.

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!

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