Friday, August 29, 2008

We All Scream For Ice Cream

Had a great trip to town yesterday. The kids loaded up their bookbags with oodles of books as usual, then we were off on our shopping excursion.

We started off at Grocery Outlet, as usual. I was a bit disappointed that they didn't have any whole wheat flour or baking soda. They did have unbleached white flour though so grabbed a bag of that, and was pleased to note Safeway had both the other items on sale, so it worked out. The other grocery item I was tickled to see added to our cart at the grocery outlet was the big tub of vanilla ice cream.

There are two reasons that particular purchase made me happy. First off, we store our big tubs of ice cream in the chest freezer, filling a smaller container we keep in the house for the weekly supply. What I plan to do with the vanilla is flavor each individual batch so the kids won't tire of having the same flavor served to them for weeks on end. This morning the kids headed outside and picked blackberries, which I plan to cook up with some sugar and push through a sieve to remove the seeds. Then the kids can help me layer the vanilla ice cream and blackberry mixture before marbling it. I'm looking forward to the process, and the kids are eagerly anticipating the flavor combination they helped create.

The other reason I was excited about this purchase is the container itself! Once the last of the vanilla ice cream has been scooped from the container I will wash it up, and it will make a handy container for any number of uses. Now all I need to do is decide what it's designated use will be! It could be used as a canister for larger amounts of flour, or perhaps as a craft supplies container. Then again, it would be a great size for storing a full "recipe" of my laundry detergent, rather than splitting it into two coffee cans. I could do as many others, and utilize it as a small trash can. I don't think I'll do that though. I'm sure other ideas will come to me as well. Oh the possibilities! However will I decide?

I'm thinking another large tub of ice cream is in our future, or 3, or 4.... ;-)


toomanyhats said...

I bought big ice cream containers at the ice cream store in Depoe Bay last time we were through...I've been wishing for more so I guess we need to go to Depoe Bay!

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

That's a long ways to travel for ice cream!;-) Is it a special brand? Or is it just the containers you're after?

mjgcpa said...

I'm just after the big plastic containers with lids....I'm looking at the one that holds the cat food right now..It's Tillamook Ice Cream - Udderly Chocolate! Probably a 2 gallon container. I can't even eat the ice cream...any excuse to drive to the beach. The place makes good fudge...and the owners are very nice. I'm sure a better container could be had for a lot less than the price I'd pay for the gas!

toomanyhats said...

Sorry man...that last comment was me...not the man..

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

LOL. I wondered what Michael would want with the containers!

Have you checked out the Grocery outlet stores in your area? That's where we got ours,for close to half the price of the regular grocery stores. You can still head to Depot Bay for the fudge ;-)Can anyone in your family eat the ice cream? I wonder if soy ice cream is available in the big tubs like that?

Better yet! Maybe you could acquire the containers for free from a restaurant! Couldn't hurt to ask.