Monday, August 25, 2008

Still Groovin' ...

Recently, Happy Hearts At Home posted an entry about her hobby of collecting Vintage sheets. Being a curious sort, and one who enjoys antiques I asked how I might be able to tell vintage sheets from newer. She responded with a very good description of a box of sheets that I, the confessed packrat, have safely stored away. These are sheets I used as a teen. At the time they were new sheets, and some of them made what I felt was a very cool, even hip statement!

On one occasion, several years back, I decided to surprise Pa by making the bed with one of these sets of sheets. The set a chose were white, with bold red and blue flowers, the sort of pattern Peter Maxx may have come up with. When he went to bed that night it was dark, and he didn't notice. Come morning however, when he opened his eyes, and discovered he was sleeping on a bed of large, vivid red
and blue flowers, he was awake within seconds. Those sheets served to wake him faster, and more completely than the most potent cup of joe! I have since been banned from using that particular set of sheets on our bed. The kids, however have been treated to them on occasion.

Thinking about my box of sheets, all neatly folded in their box, as well as all those bags and boxes of clothing I somehow managed to save from my youth I wonder...If these sheets, and perhaps my clothing, all those boxed up memories are considered vintage, the music from my youth, which I still enjoy is considered "the classics", then what does that make me?


HDMac said...

Well, I think vintage is a beautiful word. Much better than old, or middle aged... or even well preserved. I went to the same end as you? What does this make me? :) how about it makes us MAGNIFICENT!

toomanyhats said...

I could swear I remember those sheets! I hate to admit it...I still have some that were high school graduation gifts...but man...those have to be older than that!

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

Marcia, I like the word vintage too. Guess I just never expected to "hear" it used in reference to something younger than me! LOL I like "Magnificent!" :)

Carol! You're back! So good to see you again! Can you imagine today's sheets lasting that long? Maybe they really don't make them like they used to!

Thanks to both of you for your comments!