Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Tree By Any Other Name

I wore out early last night. Tried to stay awake but it just wasn't happening. Ended up going to bed early, and of course, that resulted in my waking up early this morning. Naturally, that means I'll wear out even earlier tonight, and the cycle continues, unless I find a way to break it. In other words, one way or another, I'm going to have to force myself to stay up late one night. Amazing how just one restless night can mess things up so much!

Earlier, Nathan was looking through one of his gardening books, and came across a tree that he thought might be the mystery tree in our front (?) yard. I looked it up online, and we all discussed it. After much discussion, and searching for other similar trees, we've come to the conclusion that it may be a variety of the tree he discovered, the Tamarind. If so, we figure it is a "wild" or "false" variety. It also may be an Acacia, or perhaps a Persian Silk, or.... At least we have finally found some trees that closely resemble our rapidly multiplying, fast growing mystery trees, currently known to us as "the tall skinny trees".

After spending a good hour on what was beginning to feel like a wild goose chase, I decided our best option may be to simply snap a photo now, and another in the Spring when the flowers are blooming, print both photos, and take them, along with a sample twig to the extension office and just let them tell us once and for all what kind of tree is propagating itself so freely in our front yard. Then again, if we wait until Spring, we could probably just break off a flowering twig, and save the ink... Now there's an idea! See! I really can come up with a common sense idea on occasion! Sometimes, it just takes me a bit ;-)

This morning when I awoke at such an early hour, the house was surrounded by a thick cloud of fog. Within the hour it had cleared off, revealing clear skies, which have remained, and been joined by the bright sun. It seems to be turning into an oddly summer like day! Nathan is watering his garden, and this afternoon, after we've finished with school for the day, I think I may harvest my first bag of potatoes. Keep your fingers crossed that there are actually some tubers to be harvested underneath those previously healthy looking, but now wilted and rapidly yellowing plants!

Right now, I'm going to grab a quick bite to eat, and start getting the days school lessons together for the kids. I'm just sure they're more than eager to get started!


Connie said...

With my new nursing job, which I officially start next week, I have to get up three days a week at 4AM.

I like how you wrote, "Wear out early."

One of my co-workers goes to bed at 7PM, but I try to push it up to almost 9PM.

The good thing about my job is that I'm done by 2:40, just in time to pick up Kenz from school, a few blocks away.

Then we REST... lay down and read

We have Sweet Acacias here, they are tall and skinny, but I can't tell from your photo if they look the same.

Kim's Mom said...

4 AM?? My goodness! I haven't gotten up that early in years! After the year I had to do that I decided it just isn't natural to get up before God has turned the lights on ;-)
Very cool you're able to pick Kenz up after school though!

Thanks for the mention of the Sweet Acacia Tree. It looks similar, and we do have the yellow flowers, but no thorns. I'm sure learning a lot about all the different feathery looking trees though!