Sunday, August 10, 2008

To Market, To Market

This week's Backyard view photo by Nathan, features his recyled bird feeder mentioned in yesterday's post.

As mentioned in that post, we are working on going green. I have discovered that a big part of going green includes making more healthy choices for my family. One of those things includes cutting back on the plastics we use for food storage and preparation. The milk jug, while being a good thing as far as recycling/reusing goes, may not be so good as a food container.

As I mentioned in the comments section of yesterdays post, we're on a learning curve, and I honestly don't believe anyone can be expected to jump in and do it all in one fell sweep. We're taking baby steps, and with each step we can feel good about making forward progress.

Yesterday turned out to be a busy, but fun day. After the kids finished watching their weekly morning shows, we headed to town. Our goals for this trip included spending Nathan's and my gift cards we recieved for our Birthdays at Fred Meyers. First we searched the entire store in search of Nathan's gift of choice. He got some good ideas, but decided to hold off a bit, and think about it, before making his final decision. He's real excited about using a gift card to make his own purchase, and wants to be sure he's making the right choice. We did have to convince him that no, he was not going to spend it on kitty treats, or family groceries, although we did appreciate the thought. LOL

My gift card did get spent yesterday. Although I wasn't sure what I wanted to spend it on at first, that decision was easy to make when I noticed the racks and racks of clothing for sale. I headed straight for the BOGO racks. These were items that were already marked down,so basically they were more than half price. I spent probably an hour of pure bliss going through the selections, and then the real fun began. My trip to the fitting room was one of the most delightful fitting room experiences I've ever had! Every one of the tops I had selected, size small, fit great, with the exception of one that was actually too big! I had a heck of a time choosing between all these tops, but finally narrowed it down to 2, one sweater that I just fell in love with, and another warmer weather top. I now have 2 new tops,originally priced at over $100 (together), for which I spent just under $30.

After leaving Freddies we began driving about town in search of Garage sale signs. We were continuing our week long hunt for a bike for Nathan. Once again, we came up empty, but he's okay with the knowledge that the search is continuing. While we struck out on our main objective, we did find some great craft supplies for an excellent price, a Bingo game, brand new, still in it's original wrap, and a plastic horse for Lindsay. We also met a very nice gal who recently moved to the area. All in all a good day.

Saturday Night At The Movies

Last night's feature event was Are We There Yet ? , starring Ice Cube. We were pleasantly surprised with this film. Lots of comedic adventure to keep the kids entertained, no foul language that I can recall, and just a fun movie for the whole family.

The sun is making a rare appearance today, and I plan to take full advantage of that solar energy by getting an extra load of laundry done. Hope you're all having a great weekend, and, if you have a moment, please visit yesterdays post, and add your "personal recycling" tips!


toomanyhats said...

Did you say size SMALL shirts????

Kim's Mom said...

LOL Carol. Yeah, clothes shopping is fun again!:)