Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One Minute - One Hour - One Page At A Time

When I was a child I enjoyed reading, a lot! As I got older I read less. That's not to say I didn't still enjoy reading. I just got so busy with other things that I guess I just didn't manage to take the time for it.When my first child was born I found I had even less time for reading. I did read to her, but that's not quite the same thing.

Maybe thirteen years ago I rediscovered my passion for reading. Pa and I would sit outside, in the lawn chairs and read for hours at a time. I enjoyed that time, not only for the reading, but also for the quiet, peaceful time Pa and I were spending together. Sometimes we would share excerpts of what we were reading with each other. Pa also liked to read at night. At times he would read portions of his book to me. There was something really great about that.

Then came Nathan. After Nathan was born, it seemed I had a hard enough time finding time to grab a quick bite to eat, let alone sitting down and devouring the printed word! Once again, I stopped reading. I missed my reading time, but managed to fill up my days with other enjoyable pursuits, spending time with, and getting to know my son.

About 15 months later Nathan's sister arrived. If I didn't have time for reading after Nathan was born, I sure didn't have time for it now! Two young'uns, both in diapers, both needing my attention in similar yet different ways took up all my time.

My babies are growiing up, much faster than I would like. Nathan is now 11 years old, rapidly approaching his teen years. Lindsay is 9. She'll make it to the double digits before the year is out. Both of my younger children are avid readers. They seem to enjoy reading as much as I did when I was their age. Although I do wish time would slow down a bit, that the seconds and the minutes in the days could hesitate long enough in their ticking that I could relish the moments in their childhood just a bit longer, I've found there are some benefits to their advancing ages.

I can read again! Eight years ago Pa recieved a wonderful book for his Birthday, "Undaunted Courage". I was excited to have this book join our combined library, as it was one I had heard a lot about. Throughout the last eight years, I have attempted to read this book. I have managed a paragraph or two, sometimes even a couple pages at a time before being interrupted by the life that surrounds me. I picked the book up again a couple weeks ago. Although I wasn't able to just sit down and read for hours at a time as in the past, I have managed one to two hours at a time with minimal interruptions.

Last night, Lewis and Clark "&c." made it over the mountains, into the valley, and down the mighty Columbia. When I closed the book about 10:30 last night, they had just decided upon their site for the winter, and named it, "Fort Clatsop". Tonight, I am looking forward to reading the next chapter. At this rate I may actually manage to finish this remarkable book by weeks end. It only took me eight years!

I do have some recollection of the beginning chapters of the book, which covered Lewis's childhood, and introduced his mother who I found to be a very interesting woman. At some point, I think I'll pick this book up and read it again, if for no other reason than I would like to get reacquainted with his Mother. Hopefully, the next reading won't take me quite so long.

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