Friday, August 22, 2008


Good morning and Happy Friday! Made it through another week with flying colors :)

This morning, you may have noticed a slight change in my blog. I've been noticing some confusion as to who I am when I post in various places around the web, and what folks should call me. While I will answer to just about anything, I figured it was time for a bit of continuity. I did not want to lose "Kim's Mom", but have increasingly been known as Boondock Ma" or some variation, so I chose to add "Boondock Ma" as my main identity, with "Kim's Mom" in parentheses. This way, I hope to alleviate some confusion, while retaining my old familiar identity for those who have been following me a bit longer.

Upon saving my name change, I noticed that somehow, I had inadvertently added an "industry" to my profile. My first inclination was to go in and change it right away. Then I thought about it a moment. Although I do not attend a formal school, I am a student of sorts. I homeschool my children, which could classify me as an educator, but more than that, I am learning. I am learning from my children, from my husband, from my extended family. I learn something from most everyone I meet, no matter how briefly, and I learn from experiences every day. I am a student of life. I chose to allow my new occupation label to remain.

This afternoon we are heading into town once again. Normally, I would not consider this a good thing, as I really do like to limit our driving time, but today is different. This afternoon, assuming all went well on the other end, we get to pick up my new clothes washer! This is something we've needed for some time now. Although our "old ancient one" has served us well, it's been showing some noticeable signs of age, getting tired, seeming almost to be begging for retirement. Last week, it decided it had had enough, and quit on us.

The "old ancient one" will remain in place for now. It is in a room which is seldom used, and really not adequate as a laundry room. The new washer will have it's own place, which means we'll be making some changes to accommodate it.We do want it to be happy after all! I'm doing my best to keep in mind that our newest family member will not be springing to life, performing it's duties within minutes of it's arrival. I am however, hoping to have it completely set up and humming along before weekends end.

Yesterday, I had a hard time deciding what to wear. I have several articles of clothing, either new or "new to me", that I was anxious to wear. After trying on several different pairs of jeans, and determining each of them to be too long or too baggie for my mood, I finally settled on the pair I had worn last time we went to town. Then it was on to the top half. That was a much more difficult decision. I tried one on that I really liked, and which my family agreed upon, but it was a cool, short sleeved top and the morning air was feeling a bit nippy, and looked rather gray, so I continued, trying on a couple more warm weather tops just for the heck of it, before heading on to the cooler weather tops which I thought might be more appropriate for the days weather. I finally settled on a sweater and was happy with that choice for a couple hours.

Then something amazing happened. The sun came out! A fresh, bright blue sky overcame the gray. Wisps of steam began emerging from the ground, and when I ventured outside I found I was uncomfortably warm. What a difference a day makes! I headed back inside and began sorting through clothing once again. Finally settled on a nice all season top, which was cool enough for the day, with longer, 3/4 length sleeves. I figured this one would get me through pretty much whatever the weather decided to throw at me.I did grab my jacket on my way out the door, but the day continued to warm up, leaving my jacket looking rather forlorn, sitting on the seat for the entire trip. What a glorious day!

From the looks of things, today will be more of the same. It's like Mother Nature has decided today is a day for celebrating! I tend to agree. It's Fun Friday, a day not to be wasted; A day to celebrate life, and all it may bring our way!


Connie said...

The fun of having lots of clothes is trying them on, having choices, changing as your mood dictates. lol

My jeans situation sounds like yours... the long and the baggy, the too short, too tight or too loose. I have a pair of jeans for every 'occassion.' Most of them I have inherited from my daughter's cast offs, and the others I saved from the decades gone by. I bought a pair of Levis recently, and they are my favorite for days when my pants can't be too long, or or too short or too.... ya know what I mean.

Have a great weekend, Ma Boondock!

HDMac said...

LOL, yes, the weather changing from moment can put a damper on what we wear!

Glad you all had a GREAT day!!! Back to sun here in the NW, too!

I did notice a change in your name on a comment you left, so thanks for explaining!!