Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Spinach 'n' Peas ... Eye Charts 'n' Coffee

Yesterday, we made a trip to town for Lindsay's eye checkup. Previous appointments had taught me that sitting in this particular waiting room tended to be a lengthy experience, and the reading material provided not always the best, so I decided to take along a little something to keep me occupied.

My diversion of choice, of course, was a yarn related project, in this case, my crocheting. The project I chose was a small one, so I really didn't see the need to take my big ol' knittin' bag. Rather, I took a clean Folgers coffee "can", one of the newer plastic varieties. It turned out to be the perfect size for my small project, although it did recieve some curious glances, beginning with my dear Hubby. As I hopped out of the truck with my coffee can he looked ever so confused, and inquired as to why in the world I had elected to take coffee into the eye clinic. I'm thinking my next project might be one that would result in covering my handy coffee can so I'm not looking like a walking advertisement for Folgers...

Last time we went in for Lindsay's eye appointment, 2 months ago, the Dr. noticed some small improvements. She said that was encouraging but wanted to see if we could bump things up just a bit, so she upped Lindsay's patching time from 2 hours to 4. Lindsay was not thrilled with this new developement, but she went along with it. She's been so good about it, even choosing to go as long as 5 hours a few times. Yesterday was the pay off. She'd been saying she could see better, and I'd noticed she didn't seem to be holding her face as close to the screen when playing her computer games, but none of us expected to recieve such an excellent report as we did yesterday.

The first time she read the chart, back in April, she couldn't see the chart at all. Basically, she was blind in the one eye. Two months ago, she was making it out in the 500 range, the largest scale she was shown. Yesterday, she had improved so much that she was nearing the 100 range. The Dr. was happy. Ma and Pa were happy. Lindsay was happy. When we stopped off at the little store down the road on the way home and picked up some extra little treats for the kids to celebrate, Nathan and Lindsay were both happy!

We were just one happy family!

More good news on the homefront! You may recall my rather unhappy discovery of the canine intruder in my garden last week. Well, I re-sowed the area he had spent most his time in. Of course, those seeds havent had time enough to sprout, at least not to the point they would be visible to mere mortals but, yesterday I noticed the doggies romp about my spinach bed hadn't been completely devastating. Although there are some bare spots, there is also quite a lot of little green spinach sprouts popping their little heads out, looking happy. Now, if we can just keep the slugs at bay, I could end up with quite the mess of spinach! Nathan has been busy looking through all his gardening books, and is ready to begin his anti slug experiements, so I'm daring to hope...;-)

We've harvested the first of our peas. The kids had fun picking and shelling them, then I blanched them and stuck them in the freezer so we can add to them when the next batch is ready. In the meantime, my green beans have sprouted and are looking quite happy. This year's garden isn't going to be nearly so fruitful as I had hoped, but at least we'll get enough out of it to keep our hopes alive for next year.

It was early to bed last night, and early to rise this morning. I'm thinking I may as well take advantage of the extra time and get something done around the house today. And with that, I'm off! :)


toomanyhats said...

So glad to hear the good report on Lindsay's eyes! Good for her! I just have to tell you...your really showing your age with the Folgers coffee...don't you know only OLD people still insist on drinking Folgers! ha-ha. I rarely even drink coffee anymore....but the Man's current favorite is Trader Joe's brand.

Kim's Mom said...

LOL about the Folgers.

Actually the new "Silk" isn't bad!Since we discovered the Grocery Outlet, we've been getting whole bean for less than the ground stuff at the regular groceries. Even found some called "Boondock" awhile back! Of course we had to try that one. LOL We do have a few Folgers "cans" left over though, that I'm always finding some use for ;-)

HDMac said...

Great report for Lindsay!! What a hoot with the coffee can! :) Did you make a handle for it!? grin....

Kim's Mom said...

LOL Marcia, No handle. Actually, I'm eyeing the oatmeal box in the cupboard for purtyin' up, once it's empty.I've already called dibs on it ;-) I'm thinking a handle would be a great addition to that thing!