Saturday, August 9, 2008

Frugal And Green

I'm adding another site to my list today. Normally, I do that without commenting, but this site, combined with the Green Mom Finds site are an indication of one of my biggest goals, to become as green as possible, while being as frugal as possible.

Greenmomfinds is a great site with links and reviews of some pretty cool "green" products, as well as some real handy tips on becoming more green. There is also a forum with real people requesting advice, and providing answers to real life questions, from gardening, to infant care and just about everything in between. Both sides of the site also feature some pretty cool contests. The focus, other than green, seems to lean more towards parents of younger children, but there's something there for everyone.

Next up is my newest addition, Hillbilly Housewife. Perhaps, like me you've heard of this site before, and even visited there in the past, but somehow the link got buried in your favorites. Yesterday, as I was browsing through my ridiculously large list of favorites I came across this link and followed it. There are some changes there since the last time I visited, but basically it's the same great site. Some great info there, and some excellent ideas on how to live more frugally, while not feeling like you're making huge sacrifices. She also has a biweekly newsletter, which I signed up for. I love the feel of this site. It reads like a real person, speaking from her real kitchen, swapping recipes, and sharing freely what she has learned through time and experience. I also discovered on my most recent visit that she has a blog, which I visited and plan to return on a regular basis.

Regarding my Frugal/Green goals; Is there a way to be both green and frugal? Is it possible for these two streams to not only meet, but to merge, joining together in harmony, merrily gurgling and bubbling down their now shared stream bed towards their common goals ? I'm thinking, while it may be a challenge at times, employing some basic common sense could actually result in a satisfying meeting of the minds.

At our house we regularly employ something we call "personal recycling". That would be the middle "R", Reuse. Empty cereal boxes are carefully broken down and saved for craft projects. Empty yogurt containers are cleaned and saved for later use as seedling pots. A plastic milk jug has been transformed into a popular feeding station for our feathered friends. A plastic Folgers "can" is used as a crochet project tote ;-) Old clothing, depending on the type of material, and the overall condition, is either recycled to the local thrift store or consignment shop, turned into rags, or even saved for turning into new articles of clothing or other craft items. Of course there are more examples, but I'll refrain from excessive elaboration.

However, I am going to invite you to share some of your "personal recycling" ideas here! How do you utilize those items that otherwise you would pay for the "convenience" of adding to the landfill?


Kim said...

Great post, Mom! I am anxious to see some of the comments that are posted, as I know there are things I could be doing that I don't think of myself! My efforts are rather minimal, but I strive to improve myself on this front. I do donate a lot of unused household items and clothing to various charities - now that I've taken up quilting, I'm sure I'll be getting more personal use out of old clothing. I use the smaller, serving sized tuna for lunch, and have several people in my office using the empty, very cute cans for paperclips, push pins, etc. I also have some friends who make their own wine - So I give them my empty bottles (which there is a constant supply of!). Of course, I have to admit to an ulterior motive- hopefully there will be homemade wine in my future! ;>

Kim's Mom said...

Thanks for your comment Kimmi!

I think we're all on a learning curve of sorts with this sort of thing. What you're doing is great, and I appreciate the ideas. Yeah, the quilting thing will be great for using old clothing. It'll be fun for you to put together a quilt with memories!

Sure do hope I'll be hearing aout some of that homemade wine soon! ;-)

Kim said...

Oh! And I'm not sure if you heard, but the Seattle City Council approved a bag fee to start January 1. All Seattleites will be charge 20 cents for every paper or plastic bag used at the grocery store! Also, styrofoam food containers are completely banned as of the first of the year!

Connie said...

I think this counts for recycling. I haven't been shopping for clothes, lately. Today I played in my closet, lining up the same color shirts and making a dent in making it feel like a nice place to be. I read somewhere to pretend your closet is a fancy boutique.

I always save wrapping paper and ribbons and greeting cards, to cut and paste. I save lots of stuff for art projects.

Last weekend at the baby shower I got some odd looks but I carefully folded all the pretty tissue paper. I know I'll use it at some point.

I believe in recycling books (lol) I do this by attending all the library book sales and filling up several bags at three dollars each!Does this count for being frugal, too?

I think blogging might be the #1 winner in recycling. We recycle ideas, pictures, glimpes of creativity, the olden days.....

20 cents a bag? This would sure help to trigger my memory to bring my own bag.

Kim's Mom said...

Yeah. At 20¢ a bag I'm guessing you'll be seeing a lot more clot bags being toted about Seattle! I'm surprised Oregon has instituted something like that, especially considering the bottle bill, and how long that's been in effect here.

Connie, thank you for contributing to this post! As you know, I'm a big believer in the library book sales as well! LOL I figure not only am I getting a great deal, but I'm helping the library out as well. Just a winner all around, although I'm not so sure Pa would agree. Hehe.

Your tissue paper thing reminded me I got quite a bit of that at the yard sale yesterday, mostof it in squares. I'm thinking it would be fun to have the kids cut or tear it into pieces to cover jars or bottles with. Just need to figure out how to cover it so it's water proof afterwards..

I really like the closet "boutique" idea! Now that I'm putting together pretty much a whole new wardrobe, think that'd be fun to do. I seldom purchase new clothes. It has to be a real good sale, or a gift, otherwise the thrift store gets my $$s. Saves me money, and again, goes to a good cause.:)

Blogging as recycling...I like that concept!