Friday, August 15, 2008

In Case Of Rain...Keep Your Roof On!

As a family, we all look forward to Thursdays, our traditional Library and shopping day. Yesterday, the kids had a fine time at the library, choosing the weeks reading material. Nathan loaded up on several gardening and wild edible books, in addition to a few fiction books. Lindsay picked up a couple books about dogs, and some fiction books.

As the kids were checking their books out, one of the wild edible books Nathan had chosen caught the Librarian's eye, and she commented on it. Of course Pa had to say something, this time about Nathan's mother being a witch. That comment took the librarian off guard (Pa has the effect on folks), She paused a momemt before asking if he meant I had a working knowledge of herbs and medicinal plants. Pa remained silent, with a smile on his face. I commented that best be what he meant! The Librarian laughed. The older fellow who was checking out next to us was smiling broadly, looking like he was trying not to laugh. If this keeps up, I just may have to ban Pa from the library when the kids and I are there! ;-)

When we left the house, the sun was shining brightly, and the temperature was quite warm, although there was a bit of a breeze. Just the same, something told me to grab my jacket and tote it along. By the time we left the library, clouds were gathering in the sky, and it seemed a bit cooler. As our day in town progressed, the sky became more and more crowded with clouds, until it was looking downright gray. By the time we returned home I was glad I had thought to bring my jacket along.

Pa and I were both sure the forecast had called for bright sunny days lasting through the weekend. What had changed? Then it dawned on me. Not only had I given both my garden areas a nice long drink of water that morning (which seems to have the same effect on weather around here as washing a car does in most neighborhoods), but the kids had both done fantastic jobs of drawing rain birds in math that morning. We had jinxed the weather! I think we'll keep that secret to ourselves. We don't want the locals upset with us!

The local folks do tend to get a bit huffy about weather related "oopsies" around here. A few days ago, one of the more celebrated radio DJ's provided the daily weather report. This DJ doesn't have a lot of faith in the professional meteorologists predictions, but that's the info he has, so that's what he reports. On this particular day, late in the afternoon, he made it quite clear that these were not his predictions! He then proceeded to explain that he had just received a phone call. Seems one of the locals was upset. He had listened to this DJ's weather report, which just happened to call for a bright sunny day, took it to heart, removed the roof from his house and left for the day. Upon returning home, he discovered it had rained, and he now had a wet house. Obviously the DJ was at fault!

The sky is gray again this morning. The ground is damp. Looks like our summery weather is over for the week. Hope everyone has their roofs securely affixed to their houses. If not, you might want to consider throwing a tarp over, just to be on the safe side...;-)


HDMac said...

Yeah, you know that common tradition of removing the roof to air the house can get you in trouble if you aren't careful!!!! lol... We are in a heat wave up here... I think your rains are suppose to reach us Sunday or Monday... They could come earlier if you wanted to "bewitch" them our way.... grin!

Funny.. enjoyed your outing to the library!

toomanyhats said...

I think I'll go wash the car!

Kim's Mom said...

LOL Marcia. Yeah, that's one tradition that somehow eluded me. Hehe.

If you two are looking for rain, I suggest first, do what Carol's planning. Wash your car. I understand that works for most folks. If that doesn't do the trick, water your garden, and follow up by having the kiddos make rain birds. If all else fails, just remove your roof! Guaranteed rain! LOL

Connie said...

Hi Kim's mom... Ma Boondock

I have no idea what removing the roof is all about. ???

We had a storm take our town by surprise a couple of days ago...some people lost power for two days!

Today you and I were on the same wavelength again... I blogged about clouds.

Oh, one more comment...

Nah, you ain't no witch... just cuz you like them herbs and things...That don't make you one of dem witches...( a little of my boondock babble) You tell Pa that I said that.