Friday, August 8, 2008

There's A Book For That

Another fun trip to town yesterday, even though I did get in a wee bit of trouble at the Library.

Our library has an ongoing book sale, and those racks and shelves are usually my first stop. This week I found an encyclopedia of sorts about Nature. 11 of the 13 books were there, and after looking through the first one I decided this was a must have for my library. Of course I didn't stop there. After loading my arms up with these 11 books, I continued to browse in my favorite book store. I found a great Science book. "Project Learning Tree: Environmental Education Activity Guide" put out by the American Forest Foundation. This thing is packed full of great lessons, including fun activities for grades K-8, and most of the lessons include multiple grade level activities. I was reading through it last night and am just tickled with my purchase!

12 good sized books were becoming a bit heavy, so I grabbed a basket and rounded out my shopping with a hard cover "Clan Of The Cave Bears". The kids thought it odd I would purchase this book, as we already had the paperback at home, but I'm fond of hard covers, and besides, I figured this way Nathan could have the Paperback in his own library.

Toting my basket of books, hoping the handles wouldn't snap off from the weight, I headed over to the DVD section where I was in search of the kids' movie of the week. A short while later the kids, finished with their book browsing, joined me. Of course the first thing they noticed was my basket brimming with books. "You're gonna be in trouble!" "Dad's gonna be mad at you!" I shushed them, telling them not to say anything, I'd be hearing about it soon enough. The fellow perusing titles next to me was smiling.

A few minutes later Pa showed up at the end of the aisle. Naturally, the kids both rushed over to him. "Look what Mom got!" Geez! They just couldn't wait to tattle on me! Pa snarled, saying he'd seen it, and something about me having to wash a lot of bottles and dishes to pay for my purchase. He then told me I'd have to find a way to pay for it all, as he sure wasn't going to. At this point,the fellow we shared the aisle with wasn't even pretending to look at movie selections any more. He was kind enough to at least attempt to muffle his laughter behind his hand.

I did get my books, and Pa gave in and payed for them. The Librarian asked if I needed a bag to carry all my books. Thanking her for the offer, I declined, saying it was a short walk to the car. Pa grumbled again, saying something about the walk might be longer than I realized. The Librarian wasn't so kind as the stranger in the DVD aisle. She knew us well, and wasn't afraid to smile broadly and chuckle out loud.

Last night, Pa was still grumbling about the 13 additions to my ever growing book collection. I told him we just needed a new Book case. Perhaps that would be a good project for him and Nathan. Oddly, he didn't seem quite so enthused at that idea as I was ;-)

Hmm. It's beginning to look like I'll be adding woodcrafting to my list of skills. I bet there's a book available that would help me out with that!


Connie said...

ha ha ha ha ha....
This post is so funny. I can hear Pa grumbling. I am like you ... I get 'tickled' anytime I am around books, especially used ones and hard cover ones at a good price. When my husband grumbles, I do like you did, start talking about needing bookcases... that makes them grateful when you squeeze the books in the space you have... all the while I'm scheming how to get new shelving, new homes for my collection(s). My post today is on a book I bought used off the library rack. I would have bought more if I didn't owe 6 dollars in late fees.

Kim's Mom said...

LOL Thanks for your comment! Good to know I'm not alone in my passion for books. I think Pa's happy to know he's not alone in his misery either! LOL

Funny that we both posted about Library purchases today!

Kim said...

I'm happy to report that I've been reunited with my love for reading - I used to sit and read an entire book in one sitting, you might remember. Before I moved office spaces recently, I was a block away from a that store! So many good deals!

I am a bit of a stickler for hardbacks them!

Kim's Mom said...

Hey, Kimmi!
Yes, I do remember how you loved to read. That's one thing you and your little brother hve in common ;-) So glad you're finding the time to fit reading in again. It can be difficult when life keeps getting in the way!

HDMac said...

LOL... that is so funny! Thanks for sharing!!! I am still giggling about it!

HDMac said...

PS. How about a picture when Pa gets the new bookcase made! hehehehe