Friday, September 19, 2008

Wow! Great White Shark!

Pa was listening to the scanner, a normal way to keep up on local news in this area. He heard what sounded like it might turn into an interesting tidbit.

Someone had called the State Police, saying he'd been fishing in Coos Bay, and had hooked what he thought might be a juvenile Great White Shark, and he'd like someone to stop by his house for a positive ID.

A bit later the Game Officer was heard over the scanner. He was letting the dispatcher know the outcome of the call. He verified that it was, indeed a Great White shark, and that it was sporting a foot and a half bite from another Great White Shark.

I'm guessing I know what the Headline in tomorrow's local paper will be.


HDMac said...

Wow!!!! That will be the headlines! YIKES!!!!!

toomanyhats said...

Very cool! I wanna catch a Great White Shark! Well, maybe not.