Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Vegemite Sandwich

After our entertaining laundry day on Monday, I only managed 2 loads of laundry yesterday. I was tempted to do a third load, and probably could've gotten away with it, had I made a load of lighter weight fabrics. but the first two loads were pretty much nothing but jeans so I chose to play it safe and keep it at 2 loads. Since we're doing our weekly trip to town today, I'll keep it at one load, but plan to make up for lost time tomorrow.

For some reason the last couple weeks have been quite busy for us. Just seems like we're constantly on the move, although most of the "moving" takes place on our property, if not in the house. I guess it's just that time of year, when we feel the need to get things done before the cooler, damper weather settles in for the season.

There's laundry of course, especially those items which are a bit larger and bulkier, taking up precious space when we attempt to dry them inside, so we try to get it all done when we're still able to take advantage of the suns rays. Since we tend to spend more time inside during the late fall and winter moths, we also like to start things out with a tidier interior. There are windows to be washed so we have a nice outside view, and should the sun choose to grace us with it's cheery rays we can more fully appreciate that as well. I'm also trying to get my kitchen and dining room areas reorganized, as well as my bookshelves, so I can bring in more of the books I want to be able to choose from for reading during the more stormy time of year.

All this activity tends to make one a bit more sleepy come late evening. At times, the extra level of tiredness tends to make me feel a bit goofy. I guess last night was one of those times. I headed to bed, and lay there, thinking of sleep as Pa joined me. We had watched a film earlier that struck us as humorous and that seemed to add to the silliness factor. Both of us were so tired, and we were attempting to shush each other, all the while keeping the jabber going. Finally, Pa simply said "goodnight". As I responded in kind, I thought that would be the end of it. But, no. Pa said it sounded like I said, "Mamite". He then asked if I had mites. The silliness continued.

For some reason "Mamite" brought up a memory for me that I simply couldn't shake. It reminded me of a song, which mentioned some sort of a spread which I understood was popular in Australia. For the life of me, I could not remember the name of this spread, or who sang it! I came up with all kinds of variations on this word, repeating them outloud to Pa, who was practically begging me to allow him to sleep.He asked me what it was. "Some sort of gooey black stuff you spread on toast" He suggested mollasses. I knew that wasn't it, but told him I figured it was a similar color and texture. "Marmalade?" he asked. "No. It's in Australia, not here, and it's black.

"Oh" Can we go to sleep now?"

Sleep? What an odd thing to consider at a time like this! I realize the clock is inching near midnight, but there's simply no way I'll be able to sleep until I solve this mystery!

I was quick to inform him that this was all his fault, for mentioning "Mamite". What was that foods name? Was it Marmite? No, that didn't seem right. "Mennonite" came to mind, but I knew that wasn't right.Perhaps Mamorite? No. That wasn't it. What song was it? Who sang it? "Men At Work"? I wasn't sure. I could just almost hear the tune in my head. Was it Phil Collins? "Da da de-dah da-ah" Hmmm. I think it was Phil Collins! Wait. I think I remember some words. Yes! I think it was "Who could it be now" Yes. I think that's it. I began singing the words to the tune as best as I could recall. Poor Pa. He did not recall the words. He did not remember the band, "Men At Work". He did recognize Phil Collins name. He wasn't really sure what this song had to do with "Marmomite". All he wanted to do was sleep. I finally told him I would leave him alone, but I may wake him if the name occured to me.Naturally he was relieved to hear this announcement!

The various possibilities of the name of this food prduct continued to tumble through my mind, as well as the lyrics, of which I could only remember the one line. At least I had a portion of the tune in my head now. Then it came to me, Something about a sandwich. Yes, a sandwich. A marmomite sandwich? No. mite though. Hmmm. Wait! That's it! Vegemite! It was a vegemite sandwich! I was so excited! Fortunately Pa was still awake when I remembered. He didn't seem quite so excited about my revelation as I was though. "It was a Vegemite sandwich!" Hmmm. "I'd really like to try some vegemite sometime. I should've had Kimmi get me some when she was there!"


Hehe. Poor Pa, By this time he didn't have a clue what I was going on about. "Vegemite! Australia! Kimmi could've gotten me some! I don't think it's to be found in The States. I wonder if it'd be good with peanut butter?"

"Oh. Goodnight"

"Goodnight", I cheerfully responded.

I fell asleep thinking about vegemite sandwiches.


Kim said...

you should know that vegemite is totally disgusting. I tried it's like spreadable bouillon.

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

So, maybe not the best paired with peanut butter?

Still, it just sounds so interesting! Like one of those things you just have to try at least once in a lifetime!

Maybe mixed with a bit of honey? There's just got to be a way to make it palatable! ;-)

HDMac said...

LOL... I came in this morning already to respond to the title.. like never a dull moment with kids.... Then I thought... Good night John Boy, Goodnight Mary Ellen, Good night Ben, etc.....but NO this wasn't kids this was adults! In some homes never a dull moment period! hahaha I can SO identify with ALL of this... tired... want to sleep.... but something keeps nagging in your brain.. something you KNOW but can't quite grasp! haha.....

What kind of fiction do you read? Do you read mystery? I have some paperbacks that I am getting rid of.. (downsizing my bookshelves.. )I would be MORE than happy to send them to you and then if you don't want them just give them to the library or something.. I was going to give them to goodwill but if you think you might like them I would rather send them to you! :) Let me know.

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

LOL Marcia. Yup! It was the adults this time. I'm sure I remember hearing somewhere that you're only as old as you feel, and no way am I feelin' like a 50 something! :)

Books! You know I'm not going to turn down an offer of books! LOL And I do happen to enjoy mysteries! Thank You!

toomanyhats said...

Well, I'd say this confirm it. You are officially weird. No doubt about it.

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

Carol, For some reason my children seem to be in agreement with you on that. Never quite understood why they thought that! It's a mystery. ;-)

Dorothy said...

I've done this to my husband, while he wanted to sleep and I needed answers to something....

Sounds like yours stressed...too much to do....

Hope things slow down.

Dorothy from grammology