Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Busy Weekend

Since we had such a busy Thursday and Friday, we ended up needing to go to town yesterday. It wasn't near as busy as I expected it to be. Perhaps that was because we unknowingly managed to time our trip in about an hour after a parade had ended. One thing about living out here, we are often unaware of the celebrations going on in town.

We went to two stores yesterday, the first being the Grocery Outlet where we realized the largest savings yet. We spent just over $80, and saved over $100. Our Grocery Outlet has a drawing every two weeks. After checking out you have the option of tearing off the bottom of your reciept, which shows your savings, printing your name, and dropping it into the bin for the next drawing. If your name is drawn, you win the amount you saved for instore purchases. You bet we did it this time!

After leaving that store, we headed to Safeway where, among several other things, we purchased some split peas. Pa and I are both looking forward to split pea soup for dinner tomorrow evening. The kids are a bit pessimistic about the idea, but they'll eat it, and hopefully, they'll like it. It's been quite a while since we had split pea soup, so they don't remember whether they liked it or not last time around. Even if they did remember it wouldn't really matter as, when it comes to soup, beans, casseroles, or most anything I make, each time is a bit different, depending on what ingredients we may have on hand, as well as my whims.

Saturday Night At The Movies

Last night we had chicken for dinner, after which we all enjoyed the kids movie of the week. Beethoven was a fun film, which had the kids laughing thoughout. Ma and Pa were chuckling as well. The only negative comment about it was from Nathan, who verbalized something I've wondered at as well. Why is it, whenever a movie features a dog in some sort of defensive role, there always seems to be a scene where the dog goes for the groin? Yeah, sure, it always elicits the same, desired response, but it does seem to be a bit overdone. I'm thinking a different defensive move might be refreshing for a change.. Anyway, it was a fine flick, enjoyed by our 9 and 11 yr. olds, and I would recommend it for families with children in that age group.

After the kids went to bed, Pa was enjoying a rather substantial news night on the internet, so I chose to watch a film he didn't think he'd be all that interested in, The Man Without A Face, starring Mel Gibson.At first I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy it either. It seemed an odd beginning, which I thought ran on a bit long, but as the movie progressed I found it contained good background for setting everything up. Just the same, I did think it went on a bit long. Once it got into the main portion of the story I really enjoyed it, and will give it 4 out of 5. It was touching, and I felt it contained some good lessons. It spoke of family relationships, judging others, and prejudices, as well as fear of the unknown. It was also a story of hope in the face of personal adversity.

Today, the weather is cooperating just enough that I can manage a load of laundry, which is just finishing up so I can get it all hung out to dry. Once that's done, I'll get my dishes done then we get my new PC set up! I also want to do some work in the garden, as well as some more organizing chores inside the house. I'm anxious to get all these things done so I can sit down and work on my knitting without feeling guilty about all those things calling my name.

Hope you all are having a fun Sunday!

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toomanyhats said...

It's time for soup in the crock pot. The weather is sure feeling like fall....