Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We Cannot Tell A Lie

Early yesterday afternoon, Nathan surprised us by announcing it was time to do away with the big cherry tree. We've been considering cutting that thing down for several years. Although we all enjoy cherries, the most we've been able to enjoy from this particular tree was maybe 6 in one season. Even if we were able to find a way to reach those branches, high in the sky in order to harvest the fruit, the crows and the blue jays would beat us to them, even before they reached a level of ripeness which we would find pleasurable, so there really wasn't much point. All that tree was doing was blocking our view, and shading a portion of my garden areas.

Once it was determined the tree was going to go away, the kids and I set to work.It was hard work for sure! We huffed, and we puffed, and we did our best to push that old tree down! Finally, after pushing with all our combined might on one side, resituating ourselves and pushing from another side...

We heard a "CRACK!" we pushed some more, and with a mighty "WOOSH!" Our tree came tumbling down, as we shouted a merry, "TIMBER!!"we were able to celebrate our success. We had managed to topple the giant tree! The three of us were really quite proud of our accomplishment!

Pa let us enjoy our little celebration for a bit, then he reminded us of another picture which had somehow managed to sneak it's way into the camera lens.

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HDMac said...

What an adventure! And from what I can see, Lindsay has your features! :) :)

Check out this post.. .a homeschool give away... science book.. thought of our science scholars (slugs!) lol


There this time I posted the link! ;) lol

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

Thank You, Marcia! What a great site! I missed the deadline for that particular contest, but looks like she does similar drawings on a regular basis. Either way, she has some great homeschool info, and I'll be visiting her often!

Thanks also for the complement re Lindsay :)

toomanyhats said...

Looks like you got yourself some good firewood...another project...one projects always causes another project it seems...