Friday, September 19, 2008

There's Excitement In The Air!

Pa managed to get the stove portion of my range working yesterday. He also made some calls, and figured out what we need to get the oven working! Hopefully, today we'll be able to get the part we need, an electrical gizmo, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that by Sunday I'll be happily baking again.

We also have a new addition to our household. My PC has been showing it's age. It's slowing down, getting cranky and becoming a bit of a pain. Thanks to Nick, Kimmi's man of the house, we now have a new PC. Without Nick's expertise, and his willingness to share his talents, we wouldn't have had a clue as to what to purchase. He went to DELL, and while staying within our budget put together a system for us. I'm so anxious to get our new baby all hooked up and give it a test run! First though, we need to pick up a new UPS for it. Around here we don't dare count on electrical current without a bit of insurance. Again, hopefully before the weekend has ended, I'll be happily pounding away on my new keyboard, and being able to see everything on my monitor, rather than having it clipped off on one side or another. The kids have something to look forward to as well! Once we've got our new PC up and running, we'll be able to get this one set up for them.

New appliances, renewed use of my range,old clothing that feels like new all over again has me feeling a bit extravagent! It's all stuff we need, but still, it seems like so much in such a short period of time. Makes me feel almost guilty. Where's the frugality in all of it?

Actually, I can think of a couple frugal aspects. The range for instance will allow me to prepare more frugal meals. The washer is amazingly energy efficient! Not only does it use less power to run than the old one, but it uses much less water while cleaning more and cleaning it better! It also extracts so much of the water that it reduces drying time. Okay, that last point may not have much to do with dollar savings, but as they say, time is money ;-) The new PC may be the most difficult of all to find a frugal aspect. It will save me a lot of frustration though, and perhaps that will reduce the risk of health problems? Yeah, I know, that's a stretch. But we did hold on to this one for quite a long time by normal standards. That's gotta count for something! The clothes, well, I did purchase a few new items, but they were all on sale for a very good price, and most of my "new" clothing is actually not new at all! All costs were borne many years ago. I'm just giving them new life, which seems only fair as it feels like they're giving me new life as well :)

Due to Pa's work on the range, and the phone tag he needed to play in relation to that, we ended up putting off our weekly trip to town til today. The kids are anxious to get to the library and replace last weeks books with new ones to read this week. You already know what I'm looking forward to! :)

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HDMac said...

Hope you all had a great day in town. And hope you can get the stove up and running soon! It isn't fun to be without those things! We depend on them!

Congratulations on the new "baby". lol... That will be a pleasure I am sure! :)