Thursday, September 18, 2008

Here Kitty Kitty...Or Is It Pepe LePew?

Yesterday's entry was another classic morphing post. It started out as just another boring post about my daily chores, then something (in this case, the dresser) triggered sme memories. Like many other folks out there, I have many memories of my Grandparents, and naturally, yesterday's memories triggered even more.

On one of my many overnight visits to Grandma's house, the following morning was laundry day. Like me, Grandma enjoyed hanging her laundry out on the line to dry. She had a really cool clothesline. It was two large T poles, with several lines strung across, between them. Behind the clothesline was a beautiful little area that I always thought would make the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding. The backdrop for this small area was tall pines, and a hedge of natural vegetation, which seperated it from the equally wonderful, but much less manicured indigenous area beyond.

This particular morning, early, as Grandma and I set out to hang the laundry, I spotted a critter off to the side a bit. It was the size of a small cat. It had a rather pointed nose, and a long bushy tail. It's sleek fur was all black, except for one rather prominent long white stripe going down the length of it's body, on it's back. I knew immediately what it was, and excitedly pointed it out to Grandma, who I expect had to reach way down within herself for the strength to remain calm in her response.

It was too late to simply turn about and head back up the steps to the house. We were all but under the clothesline when the critter made it's appearance. Grandma told me not to worry, it was just a cat. I looked at her in wonder. Was she serious? Was it possible Grandma didn't recognize this creature for what it was? It didn't take me long to realize she was trying to calm me. She didn't want me to be afraid of the skunk, and possibly react in a way which might spook the little fellow into doing something we'd both regret.

Once I had determined Grandma's intentions, I decided to play along. Okay, It's a cat, so we can just go about our business. I wonder what she would've said if I had pushed it, and headed over to pet the harmless "cat"? Hehe. Of course, she had no way of peering into my mind to know I wasn't the least bit afraid. Rather, I thought it was kinda neat, seeing one of these wild creatures so up close and personal. I suppose I'd have reacted a bit differently had it raised it's beautiful tail and emitted it's self defense mechanism.

I don't remember for sure, but I expect Grandma found some excuse for us to return to the house for a bit, giving the "cat" time to finish his snooping and head on his merry way before we headed back out to hang the laundry.

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toomanyhats said...

I was always jealous you had seen a skunk and I hadn't! I remember hearing the story. Too funny...sounds like you've been walking down memory lane the last few days.