Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This That And The Other Thing

For some reason I wasn't feeling inspired yesterday. There was actually plenty to talk about, but I couldn't seem to put it down in words.

Monday, Labor Day was a good day for us. We just hung around the house and relaxed for the most part. Of course the kids idea of relaxing was a bit more energetic. The neighbor girl came down for a bit, and they had a fine time running around, spending some of the excess energy they always seem to have.

Naturally, being Labor Day, we had to have a BBQ for supper. Pa cooked up some chicken, which turned out wonderfully as usual. We had scalloped potatoes and Deviled eggs with it. For some reason deviled eggs are a prerequisite for any holiday meal, fancy or casual, and according to Lindsay, they are never complete until I sprinkle them with "the red stuff", otherwise known as paprika.

The kids enjoyed having the extra day off from school on Monday, but yesterday it was back to school. Pa and I have noticed the kids seem to get along better on school days. They normally get along pretty good, but after a weekend off from school, they seem to need the focus that school brings to start their days.

Night before last I finally managed to finish "Undaunted Courage". What a great book! Once I finished that, I headed over to the bookase and scanned it for my next selection. I finally chose "The Clan Of The Cave Bear", by Jean Auel. I figured Nathan had read it, and enjoyed it so much that perhaps I should give it a try. I finished the first chapter and started on the second. While I understand why my then 10 year old son enjoyed it, I am also awed at his ability to read, and comprehend it.

Fall is on it's way. The evening, and early morning temperatures are dropping, and the day time highs don't seem to last quite so long. I'm rather looking forward to evenings spent curled up on the couch, watching a favorite show, or reading a good book as I feel the warmth, and hear the crackling from the woodstove.

As Fall approaches, and we anticipate the cooler crisp air, the rich colors the season brings, we also wonder at what this winter will bring. At the same time we are planning ahead to next Spring. Nathan has been immersing himself in various gardening books. In addition to his greenhouse plans, he is learning about, and planning to utilize his new knowledge in Fall and Winter soil preparations, including Fall cover crop plantings, meant for enriching the soil, and if I understand him correctly, we may even realize some edible winter treats from some of it! That boy knows as much as I do about gardening now, and more! He's already teaching me new things. It makes me wonder anew at what he may grow up to do. Whatever it is, I've no doubt he will do it with enthusiasm.

The kids have finished with school for the day, and are now requesting lunch, and so I will wish you all a happy midweek, with hopes that I will be able to come up with a more focused update for tomorrow!


toomanyhats said...

I wondered where you were yesterday. Sounds like you are reading some interesting books. I'm so glad your Nathan is such a reader.

Untypically Jia said...

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Connie said...


Nathan is getting an awesome preparation for the future.

Isn't it funny how that inspiration thing works, how some days we just don't know how to put it words ?

Your posts have magic They make me more appreciative of the homemade,and they prompt me to want be more resourceful with what is at hand. I like your description of reading on the couch with the fireplace making sounds. Ahhh!

I'm working on putting that award you gave me at my site. Thanks, sister blogger.

HDMac said...

I agree with the Connie above me... your words have magic! They touch the inner me.. ... you are such a genuine person and appreciate all that you share!