Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Cyber Transition

It's raining here today, so we're spending time cleaning house, rearranging, sorting and resorting...

Fortunately, yesterday was a very nice day so I was able to get some laundry done, and the kids were able to enjoy some time outside. In addition to that, Pa and the kids managed to get some wood cut up, split, and stacked, so we're able to stay warm during the cool evenings, and early in the morning.

I'm not spending much time online right now, but am hoping all that will change by Friday, or Saturday. We're in a period of cyber transition, waiting for our AV to arrive,so we'll feel safer meandering around the internet. We're also holding out 'til tomorrow or Friday (doin' our best to limit out trips into town to once a week) to pick up the other things we need to get everything hooked up(such as the all important printer)to the new system. Really looking forward to being able to take full advantage of my new toy. apologies for my lack of updates. Just a couple more days and I should be posting regularly again, both here, and at my friends' blogs.

Hope you're all having a fun week!


HDMac said...

We are MISSING you! :)


Dorothy said...

I understand, sometimes you just need to step back and recharge...

And we are adjusting our lives regarding road trips, turning off lights and living smarter as well...why didin't I do this sooner?

Dorothy from grammology