Saturday, September 6, 2008

Another Great Award!

Thank you very much, Marcia, at HDMacs Crafty Blog And More, for this wonderful, and fun award!

I love the story behind this award, and am honored, as a recipient, to be included in the blogroll associated with it!

I am equally honored to be able to pass this award on to 3 blogs, and their authors that I find to be exceptional. I do have to say it was difficult to choose just three, as there are many that I enjoy, but choose I must, so here goes..

First I would like to bestow this award on Alexandra, at Happy Hearts at Home. Alexandra's Blog is one you just have to see for yourself to appreciate. Hints, tips, freebies, and some great old-fashioned printables are all generously shared, as well as some fantastic resources for Homeschoolers! I have to be careful when I visit her site, as I could easily lose myself in it for hours!

Connie, at Play Wit Me Nana, is another I would like to pass this award on to. Connie does a wonderful job of sharing her life experiences with her delightful and quite talented Granddaughter. Even my children enjoy peeking at her blog on occasion, seeing some of the masterpieces Kenzie has created. I'm also looking forward to the arrival of her next Grandchild. The adventure continues!

I'm rounding off my list with Dorothy, at Grammology. She describes her Blog with the words, "Hip Wisdom", and I can't think of a better description. She is an incredibly inspiring lady, who has passed through, and conquered the challenges and trials life has thrown at her with such strength and grace that I am left in awe. She shares her trials, and her human weaknesses, as well as the lessons learned from it all. I am truly grateful to her for sharing so freely, and for the imparting of her "hip wisdom"

There are some rules that go along with this award, that I need to post:
1) If you receive the "Rock on Sistah Friend" award, you must post the button on your blog (in sidebar or in a post), and link back to Color Me Untypical.
2) Let me know if you receive the award from someone, so I can add you to our Sistah's Who Rock Blogroll, and give them my personal "Rock On Sistah Friend!"
3) In the post on your blog, you must give the award away to 3 other Sistah's who you think rock. Post links to their blogs, why they rock, and post the rules to the award. Also, let them know you've given them the award so they too can celebrate themselves and pass on the love.

These three blogs, as well as Marcia's, where you can find some great crafts, recipes, organization tips, and heartwarming family stories, are all well worth a visit. I hope you do drop by, and be sure to take a moment to say hello while you're there!