Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yogurt Disasters Part 2: The Saga Continues...

Yesterday, I gave my homemade yogurt another go. In so doing I learned that 3 times is not neccessarily a charm. *sigh*. I know I had the temps right. I gave it plenty of time to sit and be warm, and I know it stayed warm enough, without becoming too hot. Still, the result was nothing more than warm milk with an additive. Granted, it was a healthy additive, and if I hadn't been so disgusted by the whole thing, and been so hasty in dumping it, perhaps it would have made for a healthy beverage. Then again, there was a certain amount of satisfaction in dumping the offending brew.

I have not quite reached the point of totally giving up. There is only one other culinary challenge I can remember not managing to master, and I am not yet willing to add something so seemingly simple as yogurt to the list. I will master it! No lowly pot of yogurt is going to get the best of me! I went on line and found another similar, but slightly different recipe which I'm going to try, a bit later today if I can find the time. Otherwise it will just have to wait until Tuesday, as we will be busy celebrating Nathan's Birthday tomorrow, which promises to take up most, if not all day. He and his sister are, of course looking forward to it for all the usual reasons, including the traditional Birthday day off from school.

Yesterday, the sun came out and really warmed things up. It was actually almost uncomfortably warm. We enjoyed it just the same, as it seems such an odd occurance this year, which up to this point has been so cool, and damp. It is beginning to seem this will be the season of the Summer tease. We'll just do our best to make the most of what the season offers, and wonder at what may be to come.

Saturday Night At The Movies

This week I have 2 movies to review. The first, the kid's choice for the week is Nancy Drew. I was busy with other pursuits last night so did not have the opportunity to view the whole thing, but the kids both enjoyed it immensely. The little I did see and hear, I think perhaps there was a hint of more mature than their age group material, but they didn't seem to catch that, focusing instead on the mystery and adventure. It was rather entertaining to see the "older" styles I remember, being worn alongside todays more modern clothing. I had to smile at the vision of Nancy wearing knee highs with her dress... All in all, I'd say this is a fine film for family viewing, although I doubt it would hold the attention of the very young.

A bit later in the evening, Pa and I plugged in Tortilla Soup. I think I enjoyed it more than Pa, but he seemed amused by it as well. I found it highly entertaining, with plenty of chuckles, and little twists that surprised me as much as it seemed to surprise those who played their parts so well. It was fun seeing an older (but very well preserved) Raquel Welch,as well as Paul Rodriguez, in a role which suited him perfectly. The dining scenes were just amazing, leaving me with but one complaint. I couldn't help but feel it only fair that they include a bonus feature, containing the recipes. Though it was lacking in that feature, I learned from it just the same. Along with the chuckles, I found myself oohing and aahing at the beautiful spreads adorning the dinner table, and I loved how they showed the chef rescuing a disaster, successfully turning it into yet another masterpiece.. In my opinion, the culinary adventure alone makes the film worth viewing.

Yogurt Disaster Update

Oh For Crying Out Loud! Pa just asked me if I removed the plastic sleeve my new thermometer came with. I explained the only sleeve I found was that which was part of the original packaging (which I thought rather "cheap" considering the sleeve was part of the marketing on the package). He hinted at the possibility there might be something I missed. I went in to look. Sure enough, I had inserted the whole shabang, including the "handy protective sleeve" which had, indeed been included.

Good Grief!!



HDMac said...

Here's a hug!!! (((Connne)))

toomanyhats said...

haha...missing the plastic sleeve on the thermometer...that's genetic too...I've done it too....Katie had to set me straight.