Saturday, July 12, 2008

Christmas In July

Last week when Pa returned from the Post Office he was carrying a rather large, packed full to the point it was bulging, box which included my sister's return address. I couldn't get my boxcutter out and open the box fast enough for the kids who were anxious to dig in and see what the box contained. I carefully sliced through the tape and quickly stood back, out of the way as my children eagerly plunged their hands inside and began pulling out items of clothing, one piece at a time. The squeals of delight were nearly as enthusiastic as those we hear each Christmas morning. The nice thing about this time was Pa and I were both awake enough to fully appreciate it all right along with them.

Most of the clothing contained within the box was intended for Nathan, as their cousin, Beeb, is the closest in age to my two, but there were a few items included for Lindsay as well, including a vest and a jacket in Lindsay's two most favorite colors (pink and purple) and a very cool scarf which she insisted on wearing for several days, despite the warm temperatures being provided by our grinning solar friend. I can't say that I blame her as not only does it include all her favorite colors in various pastel hues, but it is also incredibly soft. She was also treated to some summer tops which are a bit large but that proves to be beneficial during the warmer days when lite and airy is the way to go. She has happily worn everything on more than one occasion already and is looking forward to repeating the mix n match as often as possible.

Nathan's selections were also exciting. There were shorts and pants of the sort of fabric he is most fond, as well as shirts to round things off. He has a habit of choosing a piece of clothing that he likes and wearing it as long as possible, even hiding it so I can't manage to sneak it away and into the washer. He seems to hold to the same belief system for his clothing as he does for himself. There is such a thing as "lucky dirt", and you want to hold on to that substance for as long as possible, avoiding anything that in any way resembles a shower for as long as you can avoid your Mother's grasp. Fortunately, there were more similar items of clothing so I am hopeful I may manage to to do a switcheroo when he's looking the other way, which will result in the least amount of protestations as is possible in such a situation ;-)

Thank you Carol! We all truly appreciate your generosity!

Bookin' It

To add to the festive spirit of things, once again I found a book that I simply could not live without! After checking it out at the library and thumbing through it, I realized it was one of those books that would be extremely painful to return. What else to do but head to Powell's and see if it was available. Indeed it was, and for a very tempting price. The book, Math Wizardry For Kids, is an amazing book that truly brings the fun back in math. It includes fun little projects that enhance the understanding of concepts in a manner which not only provided, merely by reading about them the "AHA!" moments for me, but retention value as well. It deals mostly with Geometry which is one subject (of many) that I am sorely lacking in understanding. Reading through any lessons that come up for my children in this subject leaves shaking my head, wondering what foreign language this may be written, and where I might find a translator. This book explains, and illustrates it all in a way which I can understand it, and will be an excellent precursor to the geometry lessons coming up in our Math Mammoth series.

Dining In

Last night we celebrated the end of our school week with a dual menu supper. The kids enjoyed their BLTs with pear tomatoes on the side, while Pa and I dined on Liver and onions. For some reason that is something we don't often treat ourselves to, so when we do manage it, it is thoroughly enjoyed, and always leaves us wishing for more. It's one of the very few things we don't force our children to eat, opting instead to provide them with something that is easily prepared along side it. Perhaps we are more apt to provide them with this option because it somehow seems it leaves more for us. We don't have to share! The liver, prepared by Pa was cooked to perfection, topped with plenty of onions cooked almost to the caramelized stage, and a slice of bacon on the side. The kids were both watching, shaking their heads in disbelief as we happily consumed our meal. Poor things. They really don't know what they're missing!

Happy weekend y'all! Be safe, and have fun!


Kim said...

I love telling people about how much I loved liver at such a young age, much to everyone's surprise! ;>

toomanyhats said...

Glad you enjoyed the boxes. Just don't look to close at my knitting job on the scarf! Neither one of my girls deemed it appropriate...but I had a feeling Miss Lindsay would like it. Glad they enjoyed the box.

I haven't had liver and onions forever....

Kim's Mom said...

LOL Kimmi! Nathan and Lindsay have the same way of amazing folks with their food preferences as you did ("Broccoli? Really??") Just not for liver...I just don't get it ;-)

Carol, You knitted that? You did a great job on it! Lindsay's impressed, and so am I!