Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

Sunday has arrived once again, signalling the end of one week, with all it's memories and the beginning of yet another, with new memories to come.

We had a good time on the 4th. The kids and the kittens watched, with eager anticipation as Pa cooked chicken on the grill, which we simply served with potato salad, and ice cream for dessert. Try as we might, we could not convince the kids to wait til after dark for their fireworks fun. They did however, agree to limiting themselves to those items which lent more to the audial senses than the visual, with the exception of those disgusting "snakes", which don't tend to show up as well in the dark, and the "Champaigne Poppers". This year they discovered a new day time delight, some really cool snapping things, quite small in size, which you merely toss on the ground with some force, or simply drop and step on for a popping sound. Such a simple, unassuming item which is oddly entertaining. Shortly after 9 we broke out the smoke bombs, and the sparklers. One of our kittens really enjoyed the smoke bombs. He'd go running up to them, and as the colorful smoke curled up in front of him, he would stand up on his hind legs, carefully batting at the plumes with his front paws. Those bombs which tended to rush out to one side rather than curling up into the sky, he would chase. Such a funny little fellow!

Once these delights were finished off it was beginning to get good and dark, so we broke out the more spectacular offerings. The rattle snakes were great fun, emitting oodles of snaps and pops in rapid progression. In all we spent about $20 for our evening of sensory delight, and it lasted just over 2 hours. The kids were finally tucked into bed about 10:30.

The next morning, being Saturday, and the kids' one day of TV viewing for the week, I awoke about 7:30. I noticed Lindsay still asleep in her bed, and kissed her on the cheek to wake her. She appreciated the wake up call as she only missed one of her traditional Saturday morning shows. Later she mentioned how odd she thought it, that she had slept in on a Saturday morning. The price you pay for late night fun :)

Saturday Night At The Movies
And a wee bit o' readin'

Last night the kiddo's watched another older film. This one was dated by the musical selections, sung by Cyndi Lauper. The Goonies was a fast paced adventure, which I would love to give a blanket recommendation for family viewing. Unfortunately, as the film really was a great romp, it did contain some language and less than child friendly references. The vast majority of these verbal downfalls were near the beginning of the film, perhaps the first 10 or 15 minutes. I guess I'd have to suggest, for families with younger children, that the parents preview the film prior to setting it up for the whole family to watch. My children thoroughly enjoyed this film, and even asked if there was a sequel. Pa and I had a mixed reaction. While we enjoyed the film, and thought it okay for the most part, there was the language, spoken by children, which we felt innapropriate. I guess I'd have to rate this one proceed with caution..

Pa and I skipped the later night viewing last night, choosing to get some reading done instead. I enjoyed getting some more read in the book my daughter sent me for Mother's Day, How to Fit a Carseat On A Camel. A delightful book, filled with stories from individual authors, portraying the various challenges and mishaps encountered while traveling with their children. The stories are entertaining, and a bonus for me is the short story format, which works well for me, as I don't often find the time these days to follow a lengthy novel.

Earlier this last week however we did watch a film that we enjoyed, Immortal Beloved. The first word that comes to mind regarding this film is, "Wow!" It is a historical fiction about one of my favorite composers, Beethoven. The music, of course was amazing, and the story an interesting take on the question of the identity of the mysterious intended recipient of his last testament. There is some brief nudity towards the beginning of the film, which may have been unnecessary, but not what I would consider frivolous. It was simply a part of the story. Netflix has a rating system which consists of whole numbers, 1-5, 5 being the highest rating. We rated this a 4, although it came close to a 5 for us. Perhaps it was the lack of portrayal of his love of nature that bumped it down for me, which really is unfair on my part, as this was clearly a story of another aspect of his life. Honestly, it is probably deserving of a 5 rating. Who knows, I may end up changing my rating.

The Scale

Yes, the scale. It seems I was errant, or at the very least jumping the gun a bit, in my previous post stating our conquering of the scale. It remained zeroed in for maybe 12 hours, until Nathan decided to see how it worked. Once again, we worked and worked at getting it zeroed in again, accomplishing a couple brief zero moments, but it was way too touchy for us to consider it functional. Finally, we had to admit defeat and gave the company we purchased it from another call. Matthew's now familiar voice on the other end was reassuring. You may recall my comment that we probably could've fixed the problem within a few minutes if we had merely called the company for assistance. Alas, after numerous hours, spanning several days of attempting to figure it out on our own, Matthew led us through a couple simple steps which resulted in a perfectly functional scale within about 5 minutes time. We're just loving this scale, and again, highly recommend this company, Home Science Tools, for homeschool science needs.

Once again, my day is getting away from me, and I need to get started on my chores if I hope to spend any time
with more leisurely pursuits, or knitting, so I will call this good for the day, and wish you all a very happy Sunday!

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