Monday, July 14, 2008

That's Why They're Called Experiments

As I noted in yesterday's post, I attempted to make yogurt. The first problem I ran into was the pan I chose to heat the milk in was evidently not to my candy thermometers liking. I managed to get it clipped on, or rather settled upon the side of the pan. It turned out the pan was too shallow to actually utilize the clip on feature. I decided it would be fine, so long as it didn't get bumped. Everyone in the faily was instructed to remain a safe distance away so as to reduce any chances of it being bumped. Everyone did a fine job of following my instructions.

Then I decided I needed to stir the milk as it heated in order to keep it from scalding to an impossible to remove film in the bottom of the pan. I was careful to avoid the spot where the thermometer was resting. Then I thought perhaps I needed to stir just a wee bit closer to the thermometer. That worked out okay, so I chose to move just a teeny bit closer. The thermometer tumbled out, and onto the floor. Dang! Only 30º to go!

I quickly washed the thermometer, and let things heat up a few more minutes. I removed the pan from the heat and replaced the thermometer. It leveled out at 100º. That seemed fine to me, so I stirred in the yogurt for culture, then I poured it into a wide mouthed jar, and took it outside to the garden where I knew it would get plenty of sun, and would remain undisturbed by curious kitties, or playful children. After the allotted time had passed I went back outside and into the garden to check on my masterpiece. I tilted it ever so gently. It was as fluid as the moment I had placed it out there, maybe even more so!

While it is possible my temps were off a bit in the initial preparation process, I don't think they were off enough to make that much of a difference. Rather, I'm thinking perhaps solar isn't the way to go for yogurt incubation, at least not unless you (or I) have a way to regulate the temperature of the container. That was one warm jug of sour milk!

Today, I'm taking a break from experimentation. Tomorrow, I may give it another go. Either that, or perhaps I'll wait until after our trip to town on Thursday, when I can acquire a large wide mouthed thermos which will be dedicated to nothing but yogurt incubating!

This morning Lindsay described the rather vivid dream she had last night. It seems I had attempted to make yogurt and she noticed "poison" was one of the ingredients. Not sure how I should take that! ;-)

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HDMac said...

LOL. I sure do enjoy reading your adventures! :)