Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fair Weather Plans

Last year we took the kids to their first County Fair. We spent way too much money, and we all had a great time. The only drawback was the heat. We couldn't seem to consume enough fluids to keep us from overheating. It was a grand time just the same, and brought back some wonderful memories of my own childhood.

It's that time of year again and, as we promised our children last year, we will be making a return visit to the fair this week.

There will, of course, be many of the same events as last year. There will be farm animals to admire, flowers, homegrown fruits and vegetables, and various craft entries, festooned with their brightly colored award ribbons. There will be exciting rides, which will leave our children breathless, and perhaps a bit dizzy, games and plenty of overpriced food and beverages, which somehow seem to taste better when consumed at the fair.

There will be changes this year as well. The "Big Cats" show is being replaced by a Sting Ray show. There will be a chainsaw wood carver and, I understand we may see a Magician/Comedian who describes himself as, "Pretty good."

There will be at least one other significant change this year. We do not anticipate spending massive amounts of time searching for potable water, for drinking as we rest in the crowded shady areas that so many other fair goers have gone in search of and found before us. We will be taking jackets along. We're estimating the temperature will be at least 20ยบ cooler than last year.

No wonder we're finding it so difficult to believe the calendar is turned to the correct page!

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toomanyhats said...

It was WAY hot here during the county fair and we were doing baseball...I discovered one of Beeb's friends has NEVER been to a fair...I just may have to take him to the state fair...I enjoy it so much more when it's cool. At the state fair they always manage to have a mama pig and all the babies...so funny! Good memories of the Wasco County Fair all those years.