Wednesday, July 16, 2008

With Thanks to Marcia, For a Wonderful Honor!

Thank you so much, Marcia, for honoring me with these blog awards! You have been a great friend the past few years, and I am grateful to have met you and gotten to know you. Marcia's blog, HDMac's Crafty Blog and More is well worth a visit! She has such a wonderful assortment of crafts and recipes, as well as some wonderful family memories. She is also incredibly talented with the crochet hook!

I am also honored with the opportunity of passing these awards on to some folks that I feel are more than deserving!

First, I would like to honor my daughter,at Musings of a Pastry Case. Kimmi inspired and encouraged me to start my own blog. She has been a big help whenever I have run into a question or difficulty with blogging. Kimmi has multiple talents, including cooking, baking/decorating, and photography. She is generous in sharing her recipes, and some great photos of her creations, as well as her life adventures on her blog.

Bev, at Emma's Daughter Designs is my second choice for receiving the awards. Bev has been an incredible influence in my life! Like me, she is a homeschooling Mom. She is also perhaps the most talented knitter I know, and I am so very grateful to her for all she's done to help me realize my knitting goals. She read my tearful messages when I was so close to giving up, responding with calming, encouraging words, and excellent advice, without which I would never have made it through my first scarf. She then nudged me forward, and shared my joy when I managed to accomplish each little goal, including my first knitted garments. Bev has been in a period of transition these last few months, but she is on the eve of moving into her new home, and having more reliable internet service again, so I know she will be posting regularly again soon, sharing her life experiences, and her knitting wisdom, not to mention her incredible projects! Bev is the one I look to for inspiration, especially with my knitting goals.

Next, would be Connie, at Play Wit Me Nana. Connie has created a wonderful log of her experiences grandparenting a beautiful, lively little girl. Kenzie has provided her with plenty of material for fun entries, and I appreciate how freely she shares these events. I've gleaned many ideas from her site for activities to enjoy with my children.

There's one more person/Blog I would like to honor with these awards. My sister, at Too Many Hats is another homeschooling mom, who freely shares her adventures, of which there are many, with her audience. Carol truly does wear many hats. Among other things, she travels around the country, toting her talented children to various events they have earned the right to participate in. She has gathered up her family and traveled to India with her husband on his business trips on several occasions, and she actively supports her son as he reaches his goals in sporting events. Carol does a great job of relating her, and her families very active lives on her blog.

Alrighty then! I am now required to post the rules for the recipient's to grant these awards to others of their choosing!...
Now you can grant these awards to others following these rules:
A) you must mention the person who granted you these awards including their blog link on your blog
B) post the award images on your blog,
C) nominate the blogs and persons you want to award with their relative links giving your motivation,
and last but not least send a message to the nominated bloggers to let them know they have received these awards and explain they can grant these awards to other bloggers as long as they follow these rules.


HDMac said...

Connie, you are MORE than welcome. I have enjoyed our cyber friendship also! I truly do love your blog and enjoy your writings! And you know what, my friend, we don't live THAT far apart that hopefully one day we may be able to meet up in person! :) That would be a joy! Keep up the good work and now I am going to check out some of the blogs that YOU honored!


toomanyhats said...

Oh gosh...(blushing...taking a bow)...thanks for the honor. Your's is definitely the most deserving...I enjoy it.... a lot!

Kim's Mom said...

Marcia, I'd love to meet in person one day! You're right, we don't live that far away that we shouldn't be able to manage it at some point.

Carol, that is so sweet of you to say! I'm glad you enjoy my blog. However, you really do amaze me at times, with all that you accomplish, and you do a great job of relaying it in your blog. There are times I think you must've found the secret extra hours in a day I've always searched for. LOL