Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Family Fun Day

Late yesterday afternoon the kids were a bit confused when I informed them they had an extra spelling assignment for the day. They finished the assignment just the same

This morning, after everyone was showered and dressed, and the kids were deciding who's turn it was to prepare the table for the days school lessons, I sat them both down, explaining I had an announcement to make. They were both facing me, the expressions on their faces unsure. Were they in trouble? What had they done? Perhaps a new daily chore? Or maybe school was going to take a turn for the worse.

Once I deemed them sufficiently confused, but before they seemed overly concerned, I made my announcement. "I am officially declaring today, "Family Fun Day!" The expressions on their faces softened a bit, smiles were beginning to form as I continued my announcement. "..No school!", to which Lindsay responded by asking, "What about math?"

Silly girl! Lindsay, no school means no math! I went on, In order for us to declare today a "Family Fun Day", we needed to have a fun event.They both waited for me to continue. I thought it odd they hadn't caught on. Perhaps they were afraid to actually speak it, for fear my idea of fun might not be quite so exciting as all that. I continued..."Today, we are going to the fair!"

The smiles on my children's faces were now complete. Their eyes were sparkling, and Lindsay was running around in circles, squeeling her most delighted squeel. They both wanted to know when we were leaving. That time is fast approaching and so, I will call my most current blog entry complete, and wish you all a fun day of your own!


Linda said...

I guess I really haven't kept on your blog. Caught up on it yesterday and still love your coments and writings. My kids r grown, but haven't moved out as of yet.
The youngest has joined the National Guard. He's in basic right now. My dd had a son, so I guess that makes me a Grandma, and is trying to get ahead so she can support him & herself, is going to college. I babysit and do what I can. My oldest is taking the summer off and will go back to collage again this fall. Thought you'd be intersted.
You are living the dream I wanted to and maybe will yet, when my husband retires in the next 5 years or so.
Love to hear about u and your family, please keep it up.

HDMac said...

Ah, the joy of a child's delightment showing on his/her face!