Sunday, July 20, 2008

Of Sand and Math

Thursday, our weekly run to town started late, and we had more than usual to accomplish. In addition to that, Friday was the first day of the community's annual Birthday bash, so we ended up making two trips to town. Thursday was entertaining as usual but Friday was probably the most interesting of the two.

Thursday we started out in our usual place, the Library, where the kids collected their weekly reading program prizes, before proceeding to load their bags with more reading material for the week. Once they had finished perusing the offerings in the children's section, they headed over to the big people section, where they not only added to their collection of books, but Nathan helped a fellow out, who was in search of a particular book. Seems this gentleman was searching in the wrong place, but Nathan knew exactly where the book could be found. Nathan has plenty of ideas of what he wants to do and be when he reaches adulthood. Perhaps he should add Librarian to the list?

Friday we returned to town. We had already gotten our grocery shopping done on Thursday, so all that was left was a trip to the Dollar Store, where I found several items on my school supply list, a run by Bi-Mart, where I found my thermos and a few other needed items, a stop by the Mall where the kids enjoyed visiting with the puppies and kittens while I browsed the hand knit and crochet items in the farmers market, a stop by Jo-Ann's where I finally found the ever elusive sweater drying rack, and then, the hunt was on for 2 more items. One was a full circle protractor, which we still hope to find, perhaps at Staples? Then was the item we needed to fill the two turkey roasting pans we had purchased at the Dollar Store...

We looked at the Dollar Store. We looked at Jo-Ann's. We brainstormed until our brains were throbbing in pain. Finally we thought of a place we might find what one might consider an odd thing to be searching high and low for in our particular place of residence.

As has been previously noted we live off 101, near the beach, and a natural phenomenon, a National Park, known to most quite simply as, "The Dunes." This time of year we sit outside in the evening and listen to the ATV's as they buzz around the mountains of sand that line this section of 101. A scenic drive, no more than 15 minutes in any direction of our home will find us gazing at acres and acres of gleaming sand. Yet, here we were, in a seemingly endless search for a bag of...sand! We finally found 50 lbs. of neatly bagged, clean sand at a building supply store in town for right around $4. Every time I pass through our enclosed front porch, and glance over to the side I see this bag of sand and wonder at the irony. But, we now have our bag of sand which, just in case any of you is wondering, we will be using for math starting this coming week.

Saturday Night at The Movies

Thursday the kids found another movie at the Library for viewing on Saturday evening. This weeks choice was, Mr. Nanny. It was an entertaining adventure, with plenty of action which the kids thoroughly enjoyed. It stars Hulk Hogan, as a wrestler, turned bodyguard/nanny, under protestation to his manager, played by Sherman Hemsley. Perhaps not a "must see" film, and a bit "silly" at times for my tastes, but a fun one to plug in for the kids.

Last night, once again, Ma and Pa chose to put off our weekend viewing pleasure until tonight. I've been catching up on my reading, finishing the previously mentioned, "How To Fit A Carseat On a Camel", then proceeding on to the book I've been attempting to read for several years now, "Undaunted Courage". I may make my way through that book yet, maybe even before Nathan gives into temptation and reads it before me! Last night, however, while Pa was happily browsing his news sources on the Internet, I chose to get at least partially caught up with my crocheting project. I need to get a bit more done on that before I feel I can once again plunge into my current knitting project,which I hope to finish before weeks end. Guess my reading is going to be put on hold once again. That's okay. Gives me something to look forward to, and I just happen to enjoy my knitting and crocheting as well, so it's all good.

Today, I have laundry to do, dishes to wash, a garden to weed, and a host of other projects I want to squeeze in, and I'm not going to accomplish any of it by sitting here banging away on my keyboard, and so I will leave you to gaze at this weeks Backyard photo, and perhaps contemplate the sandy irony of life.... Until tomorrow....

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