Friday, February 13, 2009

School And Photos At Last

So far it's been an interesting new year. We've battled colds and flu, visited family, battled more cold symptoms, purchased a long over due new TV (Yeah! We're ready for the big change!), and new camera which we are quite happy with so far.

The new camera, a Canon A470 arrived in our home with great timing. The last two weeks we've been studying Abraham Lincoln in school. Yesterday, we celebrated his 200th Birthday finishing up our studies, and making hats. Today, with a little help from our local thrift store, and some dress -up clothing my sister sent Lindsay a few years ago, my children got all dressed up, and after being introduced by Lindsay, Nathan struck a Presidential pose and read the Gettysburg Address.

Needless to say, once the speech was done, and Ma was finished with the photo shoot, Nathan was more than happy to get rid of the Presidential garb ;-)

I also figured out how to work the new camera, and post pictures! Unfortunately, Blogger isn't being cooperative so,If you'd like to view images from today's big event(Today's photos are in the Homeschool album), or if you merely desire to see previous photos posted here, just click on the weekly Backyard photo to access my flickr. Yeah, I know. That needs updating too. Soon! I promise!

This evening we dined on the same foods Honest Abe dined on after his first Inauguration, Corned beef and cabbage (of course we added some potatoes and carrots to the mix) and for dessert...well...we were going to have blackberry pie, as Lincoln did, but we all were so full after dinner that the pie will just have to wait 'til tomorrow.

Between the illnesses (and yes, I took Bev and Dorothy's advice and made up a big, delicious pot of chicken and dumplings, starting with a whole chicken. It was wonderful and I'm sure it helped) and our busy school schedule I've been negligent in keeping up on posting here. I will try to mend my ways and post on a more regular basis, and I plan to stop by and visit you all very soon!

Happy Birthday this week to Abraham Lincoln, Darwin, and Oregon! And, of course, a very happy Valentines Day to all!

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Kim said...

So it's a battle of the cameras! (I'm a big fan of Nikkon). It seems that the new toy takes great indoor shots! Lemme know if you need help posting on your blog.