Monday, February 16, 2009

A Classic Choice

Since we just spent a rather intense, yet fun 2 weeks learning about our 16th President, and I had less than an adequate amount of sleep last night, resulting in a rather foggy day for me today, I'm giving the kids the day off from school in honor of President's Day. They're having a grand time outside, blazing trails and considering "improvements" to their little corner of the world. It's a good day for it, as it is not raining, but the sky is cloudy and the forecast promises plenty of precipitation to come.

The feeding stations Pa and the kids have set up for the birds are even more busy than usual, which makes me wonder if perhaps our feathered guests are anticipating a change in the weather as well.

The classical music playing in the background is beautiful, but it isn't doing a thing towards motivating me to get those things done that really need doing. Perhaps I should consider switching the station to classic rock instead?

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