Sunday, February 22, 2009

Boondock Rain...And A Movie!

Yesterday was a fun day. The sun peered through the clouds just enough to keep things bright, and the clouds were kind enough to refrain from weeping, allowing us all some time outside, including Lindsay's second skating lesson. Slowly but surely, she's getting it down.

Last night, as the sun shrank from view, the clouds gathered together, obscuring our view of the moon, which we're pretty sure actually did rise in the sky. Once they had taken over, the tear drops began to fall, lightly at first, then they really got going. It was as if they had finally been allowed their time together to share in whatever common grief they shared, and, well, you know what they say about misery loving company...

This morning the clouds are still with us. Guess they had a lot to catch up on and, evidently, none of the subjects on their collective minds were happy ones. Ah well. Unlike those dark and gloomy clouds, we're not going to allow ourselves to dwell on the negatives. Rather, we're going to do our best to take advantage of the situation and busy ourselves with those things which somehow seem to take second place on days when the sun is shining brightly.

At the moment, the kids are both enjoying their reading time. Pa is finishing his coffee as he reflects on his plans for the day, and me, well, obviously I'm busy tapping away on the keyboard ;-) Actually, I do have plans for the day, which include my usual household chores, getting ready for the school week ahead of us and, especially since I didn't quite manage it yesterday, I have every intention of getting some knitting done today! After all, I do have my new abacus to play with :)

Saturday Night At The Movies

This last week I forgot to update our Netflix list until after the kids had headed off to dreamland. Therefore, I had to make the choice for their movie of the week for them. After viewing Flight Of The Navigator last night I was tickled to hear both my young 'uns comment that I pick "good movies!" It really was a fun movie about a 12 year old, who bonks his head and wakes up 8 years later, still 12 years of age. Naturally, this results in a bit of confusion, for him, his family, and NASA ! An adventure (including a rather entertaining trip in a spaceship) film for the young and young at heart, with just the right amount of humor tossed in, I would recommend this film for families with children in the 8 -12 year range, maybe even a little older .

Yesterday evening, Nathan was anxious to try cooked turnip greens he had grown in his greenhouse. Pa and the kids ended up having a simple meal of mac 'n' cheese with the turnip greens on the side. I had a taste of the turnip greens, opting to allow the kiddos the pleasure of the bulk amount, and followed up with a salmon burger. We were all pleasantly surprised with the turnip greens, which Nathan declared "kinda like spinach but stronger." I couldn't have described it any better than that. I'm rather hoping Nathan will choose to grow more of this product for future edible kitchen experiments.

As always, time is ticking away on our last day of the weekend, and so I shall pick up the pace, leaving you, and allowing myself, to make the most of the day ahead.

Happy Sunday!

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