Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's A Start...

In keeping with my latest resolution, I am posting for the second day in a row! Are you shocked? Perhaps a little awed?

Well, you can feel free to pick your jaw up off the floor, as this isn't going to be a lengthy post. After all, my last update was late in the day... but I do have a bit to share.

After all the frustration in attempting to post photos here, I pretty much gave up on all things PC related last night. This morning however, I was at it again. I thought perhaps a good nights rest might yield better results from my PC, or Blogger, or whatever the problem may have been. Imagine my surprise when I determined that wasn't the case!

All was not lost though. I did manage to change my profile photo, and then took a deep breath, deleted the previous weekly photo and tried posting one of our Lincoln celebration pictures in it's place. It took forever, but it did work. Yes! Although limited, it was a success. I am now considering perhaps it is my slow dial-up connection that is causing me problems.

At any rate, as promised, I did update my Backyard View photo, although technically it's not a view of our back yard. If I can't figure out a way to post photos here again maybe I'll need to re-title that feature.... We'll see. Think I'll take Kimmi up on her offer of assistance before I do anything too very drastic. In the meantime, you have a preview photo of my latest flickr album to gaze upon ;-)

The sun came out at our house today, and the kids are making the most of it. From the sound of things the sun's visit will be a brief one so we're taking advantage of it while we can.

Hope you all are having a fantastic Valentines day !


toomanyhats said...

So glad to see you! I was beginning to wonder if you'd given up on blogging. Great pictures of the kids. Looks like Nathan has Abe Lincoln down quite well.

Dorothy said...

I'm going to try to be as brave as you and do the same..learn more about posting pictures myself.

I'll check out your photos..

Dorothy from grammology