Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dazed And Confused

It's been an odd 10 days since I last posted here. Not that it's been particularly bad, just really odd, and not nearly so productive as I had hoped. Actually, we have accomplished a bit, just not what I had planned.

Shortly after my last update, I had a restless night. Pa was snoring louder and longer than usual, which ultimately resulted in me moving out to the living room, and the couch for the night. Although the couch isn't quite so comfortable as the bed, it's definitely doable, and since we heat with wood, naturally the living room is a bit warmer than the bedroom, so once I settled in it wasn't all bad. My biggest problem at that point seemed to be the moon, which was shining oh so brightly that night.

The next day was not a good one for me. No matter how much coffee I poured down me I couldn't seem to fully wake up. I couldn't focus. I dared not pick up my knitting.

That night I took a "new to me" sleeping supplement, Melatonin. Since it was a first time use and I wasn't sure how it would affect me, I chose to skip the NyQuil for my cold symptoms. At some point in the night I awakened from a very strange, rather disturbing dream. My nose was stuffed up and my throat was burning. Hmmm. Maybe I should've taken the NyQuil after all.

I lay there and considered the situation. I noticed the time was right about 3:30. Awake, yet groggy, I attempted some mental math. NyQuil lasts for 6 hours. If I took a dose now, I would probably sleep in a bit, but still be able to manage a good day. I got up, headed into the kitchen and downed my rather late dose, following up with a Fisherman's Friend for more immediate throat relief. I glanced at the clock, noting it was now nearly 4 AM. Hmm. A bit late, but it still might be okay.

Shortly after 9 AM I awoke and headed out to join my family. I was not alert. My eyes couldn't seem to focus. No matter how I worked at cleaning my glasses everything seemed to be a bit blurry. Again, I spent the day in a fog. I glanced at my knitting a couple times, but I knew better. All was not lost though. If nothing else I did inadvertently provide my family with plenty of entertainment throughout the day.

That night, once again, I took my Melatonin. I also decided to take half a dose of my NyQuil. I may never know if it was the medication, or if my body and my mind were just so tuckered out that nothing could've kept me from the sleep I so desperately needed, but sleep I did. Of course at my age, after two such nights, it takes more than one night to fully recover, but eventually I did, and the week went on.

I did manage to get some knitting done on my latest project, spending close to whole days on it. I tried a couple variations on the project, which ended up with less than satisfactory results, but gave me some ideas for future experiments. In the meantime, I started over and am proceeding pretty much as it was originally written. There's a whole lot of knittin', as well as several other priorities gonna be happenin' in the next couple days.

There will be no updates to my blog this coming week, as we will be out of town.

Starting next weekend, I expect things to settle down a bit and return to a state which my little family constitutes as "normal ", at which time I expect to be resuming my more regularly scheduled blog updates. Naturally, I'm assuming you've figured out by now that "normal" is a relative thing around our Boondock home, so the "dazed and and confused" theme may well be repeated at some point ;-)


bev said...

Sounds like whatever bug you had kicked you in the hind parts bad! Hope you get to feeling better. Go find yourself an old fashioned, grown in the barn yard chicken and make a batch of chicken soup. That always works. No, don't substitute a grocery store bird, they aren't the same. It must be a free range bird. You won't believe what it can do for your health!!!!

Dorothy said...

I agree the chicken soup even if you feel good today...keep that stinker away from you as the virus can lurk in your body and resume the symptoms..

Hope all is better in life..although we know life gets in the way of life..and we keep plugging...

My best, Dorothy from grammology

bev said...

Helloooooooo....are you out there? Miss you.

Anonymous said...

Hi just checking in. this is Lis Luft (Hawthorne)
Sounds like you have had an intereseting Jan. Hope it goes better from here. Not much going on here. Just working. Take care.

Dorothy said...

Hoping all is well..missing your writing.

Dorothy from grammology