Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Return of Saturday Night At The Movies!

Three days in a row! Can you believe it? I may get get back into the swing yet!

The sun seems to be following my example as well! Yesterday morning it was shining brightly. I was a bit disappointed to note the clouds taking over and the rather heavy rainfall in the late afternoon and evening hours. I was thinking that must mean the sun had bid us farewell for the foreseeable future. This morning however, I was delighted to see those lovely solar rays adorning our yard once again.The cats and the young'uns are basking in their favorite spots in the yard, as the birds enjoy their time in another part of the yard. What a beautiful way to begin a Sunday!

Last night we had one of my favorites for supper. There are a few meals I find myself eagerly anticipating the leftovers nearly as much as I do the original spread. The Thanksgiving Turkey is of course very high on that list. Second to that may well be the corned beef dinner. Last night we all enjoyed our favorite versions of corned beef leftovers. The young'uns both enjoyed thick slices of meat surrounded by vegetables piping hot from the microwave, while Pa and I enjoyed our own personal versions of corned beef sandwiches. Pa opted for a cold version, the meat piled high between slices of multi grain bread, while I treated myself to a grilled version with cheese on my lower calorie multi grain bread. Dessert for all was Blackberry pie. Actually it was Marionberry pie, so not quite so "Lincolnesque" as originally intended, but I'm pretty sure given the option, this modern version of the blackberry would have been his first choice as well. We're all looking forward to a second serving of dessert tonight.

Saturday Night At The Movies

It occurred to me I haven't done a family movie review here for a bit, so what better time than now to pick it up once again?

This week the kids chose Dr. Dolittle 2 for their viewing pleasure. I've seen reviews ranging from "terrific!" to "hohum". and have come to the conclusion that the "hohum" reviewers must be adults with no children in their lives to keep their imaginations soaring. This was a fun, imaginative film which we found nearly perfect for family viewing. Although there were a few thinly veiled more "adult" references which I find myself thinking are really unnecessary, they were easily overshadowed by the more family friendly good time humor. The kids were laughing throughout the movie, and both declared it a winner, even requesting a repeat viewing of the first movie in the series. I'm contemplating treating them to the original version instead, although Eddie Murphy does a fine job in the remakes.

Today, I hope to find some time between school prep and household chores for some knitting. Hopefully I'll have another photo to share in my flickr knitting album soon!

Happy Sunday!


toomanyhats said...

I'm not sure if it was Dr. Doolittle 1 OR 2 I saw but I thoroughly enjoyed it! We've had sun here today too...I've been amazed how many of my afternoon walks have been in the sun these days. 3 days in!

HDMac said...

I love corned beef! And it is something that we don't have very often. I could eat it MUCH more often. Love movie nights. :) We recently purchased "Space Buddies" (we are golden fans, you know!) and are hoping to find the time SOON! to watch this one! lol

Connie you have a GREAT day!!!!!