Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thar She Blows! ...And Yet Another Movie

Our outdoor activities have been put off to the side for the last couple days, mostly due to the rain. Lindsay is anxious to get started on her skating lessons again, and Nathan always has some special project in mind.

In addition to the rain, which has really been coming down in sheets, last night the wind decided to pay us a visit. Fortunately, we're pretty well protected at our house, so our anemometer records relatively low gusts, but the trees, all about our property,extending high into the sky, as well as the roar that reaches our ears, tell a very different story. It was downright windy last night!

It all started shortly after 6, as we were finishing up our dinner, and was still blowing when Pa and I retired for the night. This morning, Lindsay recalled how she had awakened at 3AM to the sound of the wind blowing so hard she thought it might damage the house. So far we haven't noticed any damage outside, but then we've only managed to wander as far as the wood shed, which doubles as the cats' feeding station.

Now that the wind has pretty much subsided, we are left to gaze at the rain once again. While the rain seems a bit of a nuisance in the short term, we really can't complain too much, as it seems our area is currently low in needed precipitation, so, as long as it doesn't present us with any major flooding problems, we'll put up with it, and perhaps even consider it with some gratitude. Skating lessons will wait a bit longer...

Fortunately, we have a generator, an important device for those, like us, who live in rural areas, so Pa and I were able to cozy up, enjoy the heat emanating from the wood stove, and watch a movie with minimal concerns about a power outage last night.

The film we chose was one I had watched a good portion of several years ago. By the end of the film I was so happy to have been given the opportunity of watching it in it's entirety, as it left me with a completely different feeling than the last time I had seen it. Project X ,starring Matthew Broderick, and Helen Hunt, is an emotional ride with a message, about a chimp ripped from his Mother, and his home, and transplanted in the US. He's one of the lucky ones, being placed in a facility where a caring young woman teaches him sign language, and grows to love him (as will you!). Naturally, funding runs out and, despite the tearful protests of the young lady who trained him, he is transferred to a facility which is gradually revealed to be much less desirable.

While this was not a film destined for inclusion in the list of Classic "must sees", it is one I would classify as definitely worthy of the two hours of sit down time. If you are one who enjoyed the story of "Free Willy", have compassion for those in the "Animal Kingdom", or just enjoy a rather heartwarming story, even if (or, perhaps especially if) it doesn't include a romantic plot, contains no nudity, and minimal "4 letter words", then you may enjoy this film as well.

The kids are currently making the most of their before school time, rushing about outside, collecting lichen covered twigs and branches which were blown down in the wind storm last night, breaking them down to size,and bringing them inside for fire starter.

I'm thinking this is a sign that it is time to get busy myself, preparing for the days lessons. We're keeping our fingers crossed that by the time our lessons are complete, the sun will have appeared so they kids will be able to enjoy a bit more time outside before we need to get busy with other pressing projects.

It's just another entertaining day in the boondocks!


bev said...

Oh, the wind. And, thank goodness for the trees that protect and shelter. These days, I look out my back window, into the woods, and watch as the trees dance and cavort in the wind that doesn't make it to my house. It is rather nice to feel their protection.

toomanyhats said...

We've had some of that wind and rain too...add to it fevers, coughs and copious amounts of snot and it's been a low-key stay inside week for us.

Dorothy said...

Lousy up and down weather here too...seems like it's like that everywhere extreme everything. I can hardly wait to see what's next for us.

Dorothy from grammology

Alexandra said...

I know what you mean about generators. It's gotten better with recent upgrades to our energy provider, but we are still without from time to time. Hurricane season often knows out the power for a good long while.

Stay warm and dry! :)