Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sunshine Days

Yesterday was such a beautiful day! The sun was shining bright, and the thermometer was climbing, yet it never managed to climb quite to the point it was uncomfortable. The kids celebrated by spending plenty of time outside, running from one section of the property to the next, hunting for slugs,
Kids On The Prowl EEK!
climbing on whatever they could find to climb, soaking in the suns rays, even stopping to pose for the occasional picture.
Jump N Shout!
Naturally, all that beautiful sunshine, along with my smiling children caused me to grab my camera and make the most of the situation.

That took up a couple hours. Then came the photo uploads. First I had to go through the numerous shots, choosing the best of the best, then it was off to flickr for safe keeping. Since we're on dial-up, that took several hours. 2 photos at a time, then going off line so my ISP wouldn't get cranky. Back to load 2 more and repeat.... Amazingly, I managed to get them all loaded by 7:50 PM. Just enough time to get the kids all snuggered in bed and hand the keyboard over to Pa at 8.

Things did warm up quite a bit in the early afternoon, so we waited until things started to cool down just a bit, and the shade began taking over before planting our tomatoes. We didn't want them to get stressed out from too much heat.

In years past we've had some major problems with slugs. Today we plan to try some different techniques for dealing with them, in hopes that our garden will stand a better chance of actually making it to a reasonable harvest condition.

Normally we like to get an earlier start on our gardening. Last year was so disappointing though. Folks around here called it the Summer that wasn't. I think we may have managed a week's worth of summery days, and those days were not consecutive. Those days were also quite late in making their appearance, which resulted in some real sorry garden yields. We're keeping our fingers crossed that this year will be different. At least we seem to be off to a good start!

Happy weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. I can't wait until it gets nice and warm here.

toomanyhats said...

Fine....say your trying new ways to deal with slugs...and then NOT share them??? I'm using slug bait and egg shells this far...okay. Any new ideas??? Beer doesn't work for just get a stray slug that goes to the beer first rather than the plant...go figure...I mean really..if you were a slug??? My garden is up and going...I'm so proud...

bev said...

Fun day in the sun! They both look so happy. What a great childhood you are giving them.