Sunday, May 10, 2009

Flowers For Mother's Day

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Flowers in Spring always remind me of my Mother. Perhaps that's because my childhood memories are full of flowers around the yard. There were the 4-o'clocks along the back of the house. The Irises on the side of the house, and in front, just below the living room window, were the Geraniums.

Flowers make me feel good. They are like comfort food for my eyes, evoking the same feelings I had as a child when I felt loved and comforted, knowing my Mom was always there for me, ready to sooth hurt feelings as well as any cuts, scrapes or bruises I may have suffered.

I can close my eyes, breath in the sweet aroma, and be instantly transported back to that time of my youth, back to the house I grew up in, with flowers all around. The scent alone is enough to make me feel better when I feel ill, reminding me how my Mother was there for me whenever I was sick as a child. Her mere presence was enough to make me feel better.

I'm thankful for flowers and for the warm, loving memories I have of my Mother. I'm also so very thankful that I have the opportunity to see my Mother at least once a year. Those are times I get to make more memories with my Mother. The difference being that I'm no longer a child, and those memories are now shared with my own children as well. I hope they cherish those memories as much as I do.

I Love you, Mom. Thank you for the wonderful memories. Happy Mother's day!


toomanyhats said...

Happy Mother's Day!!

HDMac said...

Happy Mother's day...... Mom's are like that.. ya, they are......
I miss my mommy today! Peonies, very fragrant ones, make me think of my mom and growing up in Lincoln Nebraska!


bev said...

What a beautiful post. Flowers and mothers seem to go together. Happy Mother's Day, to one of the best.