Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Weekend! ...And A Movie!

We're having some problems with our power today, so am not on as much as usual. Maybe that's not all bad, as it will give me a chance to catch up on a few things around the house....

I was so excited over the arrival of the sun this last week, and the resulting Laundry opportunities, that when the sun emerged yesterday morning I forged ahead and did up a nice heavy load of darks. I loaded up all of Pa and Nathan's jeans, and a few of Lindsay's, and set to washer to heavy duty. About an hour and a half later I frowned at the clouding over sky as I pulled my freshly laundered clothes out of the washer. At least it didn't rain. However, the sun never seemed to manage to come out again for more than a few minutes at a time. Fortunately, the humidity was low, and there was quite a breeze so by the end of the day my clothes had managed to attain at least a partial state of dryness.

As the day began waning, and the (already filtered) light faded from the sky Pa helped me bring my laundry in and I hung them on the rack in front of the woodstove. Last night things cooled down enough that we opted to fire the stove up and as a result my load of jeans managed to finish drying by this morning. Hopefully this time Nathan will choose to wear something other than his best jeans for playing around the property, saving the good jeans for our next trip to town.

Last week, the very next day after I had washed those jeans he donned them, coming in at the end of the day with a big smile on his face, and covered head to toe with dirt. *sigh* Ah well. Boys will be boys... And Mom's will keep cleanin' up after them!

Saturday Night At The Movies!

Our children are both rather fond of critters and nature. This week they spotted a movie at Netflix that they thought might fit right in with those interests. Last night we all settled in to watch their choice of the week, Escape To Grizzly Mountain, starring Dan Haggerty.Briefly, it is about a boy, who along with a couple helpers works to free a bear cub who is being abused in the circus. While I'm certain this film will never receive any awards for acting, it was an entertaining and certainly family friendly film. I enjoyed seeing Dan Haggerty again, and was surprised at the (brief) appearance of Jan Michael Vincent! At first I wasn't sure it was him. It looked like him (although a bit older than the last time I saw him) but the voice seemed much more gravely than I remembered. At the end of the film though, when they ran the credits, there was his name! There were others in this film that pushed a memory button for me, but, as with the aforementioned, they were older, and I just couldn't quite place them. The scenery in this film was nice, there was some decent acting, and the bear cub was just adorable!

While not a film I would declare a "must see", it was enjoyable for the adults, the kids really enjoyed it, and we're glad we rented it.

My UPS is talking to me again, so I need to head on for now.

Hope you all are having a good and safe Memorial Day weekend!

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all who are currently serving our country, and we remember fondly, and gratefully all who went before them.


Dorothy said...

I am having a great weekend and tomorrow we will relax and enjoy the day before our week begins again.

Wishing you and the family the same.

Dorothy from grammology

A.Marie said...

I also have some clothes on the line, and as I am sitting here, it is looking kind of like rain in the distance. I want it to rain on my garden, but not on the laundry!!
I hope you also have a safe and blessed Memorial Day! :)

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

Thank you both for stopping by!

Dorothy, I'm glad you're having a good weekend. It is nice to have an extra day for relaxing on occasion isn't it?

A.Marie, I hope the rain holds off 'til your clothes have a chance to dry! Don't you just love that fresh aroma that comes from drying them outside?