Monday, May 18, 2009

Bugs 'N Bumps

Be Ye Dragon Or Damsel?
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Yesterday, I had more fun with my camera. The birds weren't cooperating, and none of our plants or flowers were speaking to me, so I wandered around until this little fellow caught my eye. He was on the move, and I can't catch and snap so fast as he was moving through the air, so I chased him around the yard for awhile, until he finally decided to pose for me.

Unfortunately, by the time he decided to cut me a break, I had managed to stir up quite the coalition of mosquitoes! I waved them off as best I could while attempting to shoot this fellow's profile. I was just getting ready to snap what I'm sure would've been the perfect prize winning shot when a rather large mosquito landed on my arm.

I briefly considered going for a shot of the mosquito as she dug in, but my aversion to big red itchy blotches took over and I gave her a well placed swat. I watched as she tumbled off my arm, then glanced back to my original prey. Naturally he had taken off at the sound of flesh slapping flesh and so my photo shoot was done for the day.

It didn't take long for me to realize the mosquito I had managed to beat to the punch wasn't the only one who had managed to land on my body during my pursuit of the lovely blue fellow. I began to itch, and when I looked it came as no surprise to note the red bumps emerging from the itchy areas.

Fortunately, in my 50+ years on this planet I've managed to learn a couple tricks to deal with these sorts of incidents. The first I learned long ago, when my now adult children were young. That would be an ordinary tube of toothpaste! While I suppose it's possible the gel would work, I've never tried it, opting instead for the regular, good old fashioned paste. As it dries it takes the itch away and, as a bonus, if you catch it early enough, and let it dry completely, it even takes the bump away! The only drawback to this method is it can get a bit messy, depending on where and when you need to apply it. A well placed band-aide can help you out here, but, naturally this slows the drying process down. I've also found toothpaste is good for other insect bites.

Then there's the second option, which is even more fun than the first! This one I learned from my Stepmother several years ago, and has turned out to be not only an excellent, immediate source of relief for the itching, but a fun application for the kiddos! This would be good old fashioned Mrs Stewart's Bluing. Yup! You read that right. Just head to your laundry aisle at your friendly local grocers and grab a little blue bottle. When the beastly mosquitoes attack your little darlings, squeeze a bit on your applicator of choice (I ball up a square of toilet paper for this), being careful not to allow it to spill on your carpet, clothing, etc. Dab it on the bite and your young'un will be proudly sporting their itch free, blue polka dot until you wash it off.

Hope you're all having a wonderful itch free Monday!


Dorothy said...

That is so interesting I knew about the toothpaste as it's also good for breakouts however the blue stuff I have to try to find it in the stores...

Blessings Doroth from grammology

Kim said...

ooh! You should accompany your Mrs Stewart's Bluing with some Calamine Lotion! Nathan could have blue dots and Lindsay could have pink ones! ;>

When I was in Mexico they would soothe mosquito bites with alcohol - it really did help, but of course it dried the skin a bit more than desired!

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

LOL Kimmi! Not a bad idea! Can you imagine the looks we'd get if we took them to town like that?

I've found alcohol works but is temporary.

bev said...

Never knew that about the toothpaste. Since my house is square in the middle of the state's mosquito fly zone, I will have to keep a few cases ready for the summer. Thanks for the tip! Staying away from the blue stuff, sorry.

toomanyhats said...

I got 4 skeeter bites on 1 foot last night...and Katie said the same thing when I told her I itched all night...use toothpaste, She said Kristen told her and it works...I'm pretty sure she learned it from her cousins! I don't even know what Bluing is...sounds like I'll learn if I walk down the laundry aisle.

HDMac said...

I had never heard of either one of those tips. but I don't know what the bluing is but will check it out next time at the store! ::)

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

Carol,it wouldn't surprise me to learn she heard that from Jenny or Kimmi. They thought that was a fun little remedy. A small (trial size) tube of toothpaste was always included in our camping supplies ;-)

Funny, a couple nights ago Lindsay had a bug bite so I dabbed some toothpaste on it. Nathan exclaimed that now her knee would smell "minty fresh!" LOL