Thursday, May 21, 2009


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Today is library day, so I thought it fitting to feature a photo of the kids doing one of their most favorite things.

On any given morning, with the exception of Saturdays, you will find my children sitting by a window, or on the couch, under the Ott Lite, reading. Once breakfast is consumed, and morning chores taken care of, they usually spend some time outside, running off some energy before school begins.

School out of the way, weather permitting, they're back outside, making the most of all our property offers. By late afternoon, it's time to slow down and recharge the batteries. That's when the books come out once again.

During late fall, winter and early spring, that usually means we'll find them in pretty much the same position we found them first thing in the morning. This time of year though, things change.

Yesterday afternoon, as they settled down in their usual spots, Nathan glanced up and realized there was a much better booklight available, and with it, fresh air, not to mention the always welcome kitty visitors. As he announced, "I'm going outside!" both he and Lindsay grabbed their books and headed out.

By the end of the afternoon, they had followed the suns lead and changed position 3 times. In the final location, as the shadows were taking over, and the cooler air was replacing the sun's warm rays, the aroma from the kettle grill reached them. Pa was preparing the grill for dinner. Between that and the cats' not so subtle requests for attention,IMG_0430 the afternoon's reading session came to an end.

Hope your midweek day was as pleasant as ours was!


bev said...

That sounds so idylic. Books, what better way to spend a warm spring afternoon?

HDMac said...

Your weather there looks as fantastic as ours here! When will the kids be done with school? These pics will be priceless to you, Connie. They do tell a story!

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

Hey, Marcia! Thanks for stopping by!

Public school's out on the 10th, but we tend to go year round with our homeschool. Makes for some fun science projects, and some great field trip ops!